The major event Fortnite has been building towards happened, and now it is time to ask: What’s next?

We have received our first cryptic teaser but Epic has begun encrypting more game files so leakers haven’t been able to see as far into Fortnite’s future as they once were able too.

So as the Fortnite community adjusts to the addition of the Drum Gun and the subtraction of Tilted Towers and Retail Row, we want to look towards the coming months and identify some things we think are likely to happen in Season 9.

Tilted Towers Comes Back

Since Tilted Towers was added to the game way back in Season 2, it has consistently been the most popular place to land for sweats and casuals alike.

It has the most chest spawns of any area and was almost always the starting spot of any Fortnite YouTube video that included the word “Bomb.”

Tilted is still important in competitive play. While most players aren’t landing there consistently, it is usually the best choice to try to mount a come back by winning the early game skirmish.

Now players will have to adjust to these map changes and figure out the new most active landing spot on the map.

Tilted is likely to come back simply because it is a player-favorite. With the Fortnite World Cup coming at the end of Season 9, not having Tilted come back to the game in some form would be a shock.

The city should naturally play a part in the biggest Fortnite competition to date. It probably won’t be fully restored, but some building and changes will happen in that area of the course of Season 9.

R.I.P. Tilted Towers

More Voting

The voting system was a genius move by Epic Games. They figured out how to take all the complaints from the community directed at them, and shift the blame back to the community.

If Epic had just brought the Drum Gun back, their might have been literal rioting. But by giving the community a choice, suddenly it is more difficult to blame Epic Games.

You can argue that there were only two real options in the vote. Planes and Blade were both so reviled they wouldn’t be chosen and Bouncers and Grappler just don’t do enough to win a vote, so it was really between Drum Gun and Tac SMG.

Voting accomplishes a couple things for Epic. Besides taking the heat off them, it also shines a brighter light at the motivations of the Fortnite community.

Most streamers hated this decision and complaints filled social media, but Drum Guns were still voted more than anything else. That proves that there is a vocal minority in the Fortnite community.

The comments that will be the most amplified are complaints, even if the majority of the community actually disagrees with them.

As Epic doesn’t seem to be able to even breath towards the game anymore without complaints, voting is likely something they will lean on more as the next season gets underway.

What other parts of the game could be voted on?

The Baller Replaced

Among many other complaints, one of the most consistent from the competitive community is The Baller. It has made the initial qualifiers for the World Cup much less entertaining as the safest way to move onto Sunday is to just hang in The Baller until the last moment.

Once you have to place highly to qualify, The Baller isn’t as important because players need to take risks to rank in those top spots.

Fortnite introduced The Baller right as Planes were removed at the end of Season 8. It seems likely that a new vehicle will replace The Baller in the same fashion when we tip towards Season 9.

This is my favorite picture to play “count The Ballers”

Having such a meta-defining vehicle exist throughout all the weeks of the Fortnite World Cup may be the only consistency that competitive Fortnite players don’t want.

Some other vehicle may take the place it stole from the planes in competitive Fortnite, but we don’t have any idea what that will be right now.

What do you think will happen in Fortnite Season 9? Let us know in the comments.

Mitch is a writer who used to be a sports broadcaster. When not playing or writing about Fortnite he also plays too much Rocket League and Hearthstone. You can see more of Mitch's work by following his Twitter @Mitch_Reames. Feel free to pitch stories you want to see him cover by tweeting at him or sending him a DM.