Picking out a player in Fortnite can be difficult with the game’s massive landscape to account for, but it could be even harder when the game’s settings obscures people’s vision.

Shadows on Fortnite don’t work the same on all platforms. While PC players can turn off Shadows in the game’s settings, console players don’t have the same leeway which can have major implications in the battle royale. 

Reddit user ‘PashaBiceps__’ compiled various examples that show the difference between switching on High Shadows as opposed to keeping them off.

Shadows in Fortnite do their job, but turning them off reveals a vastly different experience. Credit: PashaBiceps__ via Reddit

“Fortnite is the only competitive game that punishes players who like good graphics and console players,” they said. “And [rewards] players who turn shadows off.”

The reason they believe this is because of the darker areas in the game which could shroud a player in shadows, unless the feature is turned off.

By turning Shadows off, it eliminates any uncertainty that another player might have about an opponent being holed up in a build or in a POI from afar.

For players on console, they have no say in improving their visual experience. But for people on PC, they have to decide whether they want to stay competitive by turning off Shadows or play the game to appreciate its aesthetic.

From far away and close range, important details can be muddles in shadows. Credit: PashaBiceps__ via Reddit

This is only made worse with Fortnite’s cross-platform skill-based matchmaking which can pair people up with other players who don’t have to play with the disadvantage.

In their evidence, the Reddit user shows how close up and distance fights would look completely different given that there are whole areas illuminated without High Shadows.

A picture of the player in Weeping Woods shows the distant house garage and the cabin to their left darkened with shadows. But after turning them off, you can clearly make out the different colors and even objects that were hidden in obscurity. 

When looking at a bush up close, all you can see is patches of shadows through its leaves. But when turning off the option, you can clearly make out what lies within.

There’s a ton of details shrouded by shadows, which could hinder players that can’t do anything about it. Credit: PashaBiceps__ via Reddit

A solution to this problem could be to force a minimum amount of shadows across all players, though not every computer can handle the extra workload that shadows demand.

It’s a difficult situation for Epic Games to figure out, but something that people think should be addressed seeing as the game’s shadows are giving some players a disadvantage.

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