Patch v9.30 deployed with several major changes to Fortnite including the new Chug Splash item. This new consumable allows quick healing in an ‘area of effect’. It can even heal enemies!

Epic Games adds new items into Fortnite at a blistering rate which can upset game balance from time to time. The latest addition may have a similarly disruptive effect to the chain of events in fights.

The new Chug Splash certainly shakes up the healing mechanics. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at exactly how this new item works.

Chug Splash Stats & Usage Info

AoE healing! – via @FNMasterCom

Well, the first things you must start with when talking about new items/weapons are the stats. These simple parameters give the Chug Splash its unique power in the wide view of Fortnite balance.

The Chug Splash is a healing item which means it only has one major stat of import. With that said, other stats like usage speeds are still important as well.

  • Health gained per use – 20
  • Maximum stack size – 6
  • Drops in stacks of 2
  • Use time – Instant throw

Additional Chug Splash Information

The Chug Splash is a ‘first of its kind’ healing item in that it can spread healing out over an area of effect. This ability’s power is mitigated by its low 20 healing per use. However, each player can carry six of these.

If a player caught in the healing blast already has full health, that player will instead gain shields. At full 100/100, the Chug Splash will have no effect on the player.

Unlike most thrown projectiles in Fortnite, the Chug Splash does not discriminate between teammates and enemies. If enemies are in the splash area, this new item will also heal them in addition to yourself and your teammates.

As a last pointer, the Chug Splash can also be used to heal downed allies and enemies. This extends the time for teammates to pickup downed targets.

We’re very excited to see how this new item will mix up the competitive & casual meta. The last Fortnite World Cup Duos qualifier is set to begin in just a few days!

The impact of an entirely new mechanic could take some time to sink in, but pro players are quick to adapt in the tumultuous Fortnite waters.