Well, the last two patches for Fortnite have produced positive results and we’ve loved every minute of them. However, it seems Epic Games has cracked the perfection streak with the brutally overpowered Drum Shotgun.

We talk about the Fortnite meta a lot as a community and how we would like the game to play out. The first v9.30 content update became quickly beloved as Epic deployed a wave of smart changes.

Unfortunately, our excitement for Fortnite’s turning tide has been cut short by the introduction of the Drum Shotgun. Let’s take a deep dive into why the weapon preforms drastically above the rest.

Drum Shotgun’s incredibly impressive stats

Before we begin, we know that Fortnite has had overpowered weapons in the past and the Drum Shotgun isn’t the most broken item ever added. With that said, the new gun packs an immense amount of firepower along with its ease-of-use.

The Drum Shotgun drops in three rarities: Rare, Uncommon, and Common. As with other weapons, each rarities slightly increased the gun’s potential killing power.

DPS (Damage per second) serves as a great stat point for comparing weapon damage across every item. 180 to 200 DPS is gargantuan when compared to the stats of other weapons.

For example, the grey Tactical Shotgun only delivers 106.5 optimal DPS. Even the rare Combat Shotgun pales in comparison with only 135.1 DPS. We love Fortnite, but something’s wrong with these numbers from a balancing perspective.

Now, onto a little gameplay from this new destructive monster.

Gameplay of new Drum Shotgun

First off, we’ll give you small taste of the weapon’s fire rate, sounds, and general handling. The following was recording by us within Fortnite’s Creative mode:

It’s definitely a destructive weapon and can break through build walls in only a few blasts.

As great as our showcase gameplay is, let’s move on to some better examples of the weapon’s power. Dakotaz posted an excellent video showing the ridiculous pushing power of the new weapon. While we hate 1×1 campers as much as anyone, the Drum Shotgun aggressiveness might be over doing it a little.

The problem with the Drum shotty isn’t really its damage, but rather the ease-of-use. Any one can hold down a single button, aim in the enemy’s general direction, and shoot. The addition of a such a ‘noob-friendly’ weapon seems to back up the theory that Epic decreases Fortnite’s difficulty during summer months.

Ninja also posted up a clip showing the potency of the new weapon in the end-game. It’s hard to fight against the constant onslaught of lead. We believe that the 12 shots per magazine will likely be the first target of any future nerfs.

Now, we’re bashing on the new weapon due its balance problems, but we want to defend it in one category. The Drum Shotgun is fun to use beyond any reasonable doubt. While it might not take the skill of a one-pump to the head, blasting an opponent with 12 rounds of shells makes us get a warm feeling inside.

We would still argue that the feeling of satisfaction should be reversed for skillful kills, but we can’t deny reality. Hopefully, Epic finds a way to tone down the power without taking away that exhilarating feeling of aggressive gameplay. The first round of nerfs will likely arrive after the 14 Days of Summer event.

What do you think of the Drum Shotgun? Do you agree with out assessment of the weapon or do you have other thoughts on the matter? Please, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comment below.

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