Leaks from Patch v5.30 and Patch v5.40 have revealed a load of cosmetics, but we still haven’t got all of them in-game yet. Here’s what you should expect to be released this week.

It’s assumed that the Cloaked Star, another Epic skin coming to Battle Royale, will be getting the Ghost Portal back bling with it – but this might not be the case. Either way, both cosmetics are Epic. Cloaked Star is actually already in Save the World – Fortnite’s Campaign Mode – however his files have been found under Athena; the codename for Battle Royale.

These two were leaked from Patch v5.30 patch.

The “K-Pop” skin is expected to be coming to the Item Shop sooner or later, but maybe not as soon as we might hope. We originally saw this cosmetic with no name, model or even knowledge of where it would pop up – however, just recently we got an update that shows the skin will be coming to the Item Shop and will be called “K-pop”.

Items That Have Now Released Since Publishing

These six cosmetics were released on the September 16th Item Shop under the Garage Band set and left the Item Shop on September 18th. The skins were of Epic rarity, with the Hot Ride glider being a Legendary glider – is a car with wings and the wheels facing down, which could have been a nod to Back to the Future’s Delorean Time Machine.

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