We passed up the first update of Season X without a change to the mechs and now streamers are taking their complaints into their own hands.

Whether you generally agree with streamers or you always disagree, the fact remains that streamers opinions matter.

They are often the voice of the community and when they all come together that carries a lot of weight.

The most recent crusade is against the overpowered mechs. There’s no point in laying out why they are overpowered at this point, they are clearly the strongest individual item, vehicle or weapon in Fortnite and it isn’t close.

That is bad for competitive balance and streamers are taking aim. They all coordinated to tweet the same thing: “I’ve died to a Mech every game today.”

Lupo even took it a step further and moved over to another game for his stream last night.

These are all reactions from before the Epic Games update which doubled down on not nerfing the BRUTE. That really pushed it into next level territory. Here are some of the immediate reactions from that:

It’s pretty unbelievable that Epic didn’t learn at all from many of their past issues with overpowered weapons and vehicles. The Infinity Blade had to be vaulted within a week, the planes and ballers had to be nerfed a bunch of times each.

Then they just turn around and add the most overpowered weapon/vehicle of them all. It really just doesn’t make much sense.

Who knows where we go from here but this is one of the most outraged I have ever seen the Fortnite community. What do you think comes next?

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