Fortnite’s tenth season, dubbed Season X, has finally arrived which includes a new sniper for players to equip along with the somber goodbye to several different items players have grown attached to.

Every season there are a collection of weapons that are added into the game to help influence a new meta in order to keep Fortnite fresh. In order to help players gravitate towards newer items, Epic vaults a handful of previous items.

Due to a rapid change in the loot pool, Fortnite’s meta is often debated after patches where players decide what is the best load-out.

New weapons added with update v10.0

Season 9 of Fortnite Battle Royale was all about shotguns. The Combat Shotgun was added into the game while Epic chose to controversially vault the pump, much to the competitive community’s disbelief.

For Season X, players were given a weapon but not one that would fit in their backpacks.

B.R.U.T.E mech machines are drivable vehicles that come locked and loaded with a shotgun and missile launcher that will surly dominate unprotected players.

IMG: Epic Games

Passengers within a B.R.U.T.E can stomp on enemies as well with a giant leap because why wouldn’t you be able to smush other players?

The Shotgun within the mech holds 10 shells per clip, and deals 50 damage with a 1.5x headshot multiplier. B.R.U.T.E’s missile launchers will fire 10 small rockets at once.

In order to fire the missile launcher, players will need to hold down the “Trigger” to begin to load missiles. Once the “Trigger” is released, or after all ten rockets are loaded, all of the explosives will be sent flying towards your target.

A new mechanic will also be introduced to Fortnite with B.R.U.T.Es – Overshield. Players can allow their mech to consume 200 of any material in order to create a protective shield for five seconds.

Vaulted Items and Weapons

A handful of items and weapons have been vaulted with the conclusion of Season 9.

Epic chose to vault a number of mobility items and vehicles in order to make movement around the Battle Royale map for Season X slower and more strategic.

IMG: Epic Games

Ballers, Quad Crashers, and Itemized Glider Redeploy are the most notable movement-based items that were sent into the vault, leaving only B.R.U.T.Es, Slip Streams, Rifts, and Driftboards available to help players move faster.

Other items that were sent to the vault were the Flint Knock Pistol, Shadow Bomb, Semi-Auto Sniper, Tactical Assault Rifle, Mounted Turret, and Air Strike.

Keep in mind that even though these items have been sent to the vault, that doesn’t mean they will never come back. The developers have reiterated in the past that if they feel a weapon could alter the meta in a good way, or is required to act as a counter to another item, they are always willing to restore it to the loot pool.

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