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Every item added, vaulted, or changed during Season 10 of Fortnite



With Season X coming to a close in Fortnite Battle Royale, let’s take a look at all of the weapons, items, and anything else that were added, vaulted, nerfed, or buffed since the v10.00 update.

With the launch of Season 11 just around the corner, it’s time to finally close the last chapter of Season 10, which has been an eventful one, to say the least.

Whatever your opinion may be on it, there is no doubt that the 10th season was a very busy one for Epic Games, with there being a lot of activity when it came to the item pool.

That said, it’s time to take a brief trip down memory lane and recall everything that was added, removed, or changed in some way over the past couple of months.

The full graphic for this can be found below, courtesy of Reddit user ‘FaZeNiccorazi‘ who listed everything in order of the updates that were released.

Added/Unvaulted in Season 10

All in all, there were 18 things that were added in Fortnite over the course of Season X – nine that were brand new and nine returned from the Vault.

The season started with, of course, the addition of the highly controversial robot vehicles called BRUTE Mech Suits.

As far as brand new weapons go, the Automatic Sniper Rifle and Legendary Tactical SMG were the only ones added, with the latter being only available in Starry Suburbs.

However, there were several weapons that made their way back into the game as the Double Barrel Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Six Shooter, and Infantry Rifle were all brought back early on, exclusive only to Tilted Town. The Flint-Knock pistol was also unvaulted, after having been removed in the season’s first update.

Speaking of location-exclusive items, both the Explosive Batarang and Grapnel Gun were added to the new Gotham City as part of the in-game Batman Day celebration.

Image result for tilted town fortnite
The addition of Tilted Town in Fortnite brought back three weapons from the Vault – Double Barrel Shotgun, Six Shooter, Infantry Rifle, and Hunting Rifle (Epic Games)

Vaulted in Season 10

Just as there were a lot of things added during Season X, there were also a lot of things taken out of the core game modes and into the Vault.

Overall, there were 18 weapons and items vaulted, 11 of which were removed via the v10.00 update which kicked off the season:

  • Tactical Assault Rifle
  • Flint-Knock pistol (later unvaulted)
  • Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle
  • Shadow Bombs
  • Air Strike
  • Glider Redeploy
  • Mounted Turret
  • Quadcrasher
  • Baller
  • Presents (seasonal)
  • Birthday cake (seasonal)

Later on in the season, the Drum Gun and Storm Scout Sniper were also vaulted, along with the Storm Flip, and that was followed by the massive shotgun purge that saw both the Combat and Drum Shotguns removed, along with the Proximity Grenade Launcher.

The final regular vault of the season was for the Burst SMG, which was followed by the Double Barrel Shotgun, Six Shooter, and Infantry Rifle also being vaulted, although that was because Tilted Town was removed from the game.

Image result for baller fortnite
Players were happy to see the controversial Ballers get vaulted at the start of Season 10 (Epic Games)

Nerfed/Buffed in Season 10

There were a few items that were drastically changed throughout the course of Season X, three of them in-fact.

The biggest one is the BRUTE Mech Suit, which was first heavily nerfed on August 22 via a series of limitations made to its movement, damage profile, and overall abilities

The robot vehicles ended up being nerfed to destruction, and quite literally, since they are now unable to be used as they explode on impact.

As far as buffs go, the Automatic Sniper Rifle and Chili Pepper consumable were both given a boost in their effectiveness about midway through the season.

Image result for brute mech fortnite
After already having been heavily nerfed, the BRUTE Mech Suits were later essentially vaulted, as they now explode upon landing and thus cannot be used (Epic Games)

Of course, this list may not matter much once Season 11 kicks off, as Epic are expected to make a lot of changes to the item and weapon pools in Fortnite.

Players will not have to wait too long to see, however, as the new season is scheduled to kick off on October 14.

Epic Games

Support email suggests we can unlock golden skins after Season 2 ends

A Fortnite player support email suggests that we may be able to unlock the golden skin variants after Season 2 ends.



Update: An Epic employee has addressed this topic and clarified things. The email was referencing “progressive” skins, like Ragnarok. These skins are “Enlightened” and are tied to Season 2 progression.

The topic of gold skins is a hot one in the Fortnite community – specifically Agent Peely. The gold version of this skin requires players to reach level 350 – a seemingly impossible mark for most players.

Fans became frustrated with Epic Games when they learned that they planned to sell XP in the Item Shop – something that hasn’t come to pass at the time of writing. With only a week left in the season, it may never happen.

The objective of unlocking the golden Agent Peely have led fans to wonder whether or not they’ll be able to reach their goal after the season ends. Common Fortnite knowledge dictates that we won’t be able to, but a support email tweeted by data miner FireMonkey says differently.

“When a season ends, you can continue to progress the Outfit,” the email read. “Carbide and Omega are the only exceptions to this rule, as they were locked to their Seasons.”

Via: @iFireMonkey

FireMonkey tweeted this with the disclaimer, “Keep in mind: Epic Games Support doesn’t exactly communicate with the rest of the dev team and just because they say something doesn’t mean it’s correct. They’ve been wrong on multiple occasions.”

As many of the replies noted, last season’s corrupted Scratch skin did not make it past Season 1. This system seems far more similar to Season 1’s corrupted variant than any of the other past Battle Pass outfits.

We’re saying that there’s a chance. It probably still isn’t likely, but those who are desperate to unlock the golden Agent Peely can keep their fingers crossed. We’ll find out on June 11.

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Have Epic been teasing Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 since last year?

Fortnite fans are looking back to potential Chapter 2 Season 3 teasers from 2019.



Today’s Fortnite Season 3 leak may have been a mistake, but fans are beginning to think that it was calculated. In fact, some are going so far as to claim that Epic have been planning Chapter 2 Season 3 for over a year, down to the delayed release date of the season.

By now, many of you have seen the leaked promotional image that the PlayStation store dropped early. You can take a look at that here, as well as the rumors of a potential Fortnite X SpongeBob crossover coming in the near future.

It’s funny that a single image could cause so much discussion, but it has. Some players have even looked back at Chapter 1 Season 9 for clues as to what’s to come in the next season.

Jonesy has become one of the only plot devices that have come with us through the two+ year journey of Fortnite. Naturally, he’s the primary character around which these theories revolve.

Popular Fortnite YouTuber Ali-A tweeted side-by-side images of the Season 9 Bunker Jonesy wall and the Chapter 2 Season 3 leaked image. The old image shows a sketch of the Battle Bus passing over an island with three trees, just like we see in the new promotional image.

Things get even spookier when you look at one of the midseason trailers that Fortnite released during Season 9. This video seemed to come out of nowhere, showing Jonesy on an island before he shoots down the Battle Bus with a flare gun.

The island on which Jonesy stands appears to be the same island from the leaked image and Bunker Jonesy sketch, suggesting that Epic had specific plans for Chapter 2 Season 3 over a year ago.

YouTuber, OrangeGuy took things a bit further. He drew a comparison to the Jonesy animation, as many have, but he noticed the numbers on the flare gun box. The series of numbers read 1106.

June 11 is the release date for Season 3. Most countries put the day before the month when writing the date. In other words, Season 3 releases on 11/06.

This might all be a giant coincidence, but it’s unlikely. The most likely scenario is the Epic had a loose plan of how Chapter 2 would unfold while they were still finishing Chapter 1. They released some Easter Eggs that they planned to eventually pay off a whole year later.

This could even explain the massive delay in Season 1, as they were being true to their prediction as to when Chapter 2 Season 3 would come out: 11/06.

Is Epic playing 3D chess with Fortnite? We’ll have to wait until June 11 to find out.

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Tfue addresses rumors that he quit Fortnite

Tfue addresses rumors that he quit Fortnite and returns with, what could be, a God-tier trio.



Tfue has unquestionably been the biggest Fortnite streamer on Twitch since Ninja left. He’s stuck with the game for years, and only recently started flirting with the idea of moving on.

Tfue floated a move to Warzone following the most recent FNCS Invitational. He seemed to get fed up with aim assist and needed a break from the game. He tweeted a cryptic message before switching his streams to Warzone for an extended period.

This led many fairweather Tfue fans to suggest that the longtime pro and streamer was officially quitting the game. He seems to be loving Warzone and has reunited with his old duo partner and friend, Cloakzy.

On May 20, Tfue took to Twitter to clarify that he wasn’t quitting Fortnite. “No I didn’t quit Fortnite,” he wrote on Twitter. “I just think the game is super unfair atm and wanted to take a break.”

In fact, it looks like Tfue has his sights set on a return to Fortnite for a Trios competition. He, Scoped, and new teammate, Innocents, showed-out during a recent bout of pro scrimmages. Scoped, as usual, showed that he’s one of the best Fortnite players in the world with a massive clutch at the end of a match.

Sometimes, we all need time away from a game in order to enjoy it more. It seems like Tfue is getting a much-needed break from Fortnite. Judging by his recent streams, he’s been considerably more positive towards the game when he does play.

It will likely take a new format and some additional time away for Tfue to come back to Fortnite full-time. He may never come back, and instead, focus on a variety of titles or competing in a different game. Only time will tell.

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