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Every Fortnite: Battle Royale World Record – Updated June 14, 2019



Here is a compiled list of every single held world record for Fortnite’s Battle Royale game mode, fantastically contributed to by our sister site Dexerto.

There are a lot of Fortnite clips circulating the internet these days, from amazing plays to hilarious fails – we especially see a lot of “World Records”. At least they claim to be. Here, we’ve gathered a list of every notable Fortnite Battle Royale World Record for each platform the game is available on.

This list can allow players to view any records that they are aiming to beat, but also have an idea of every platforms’ top players. Most of the records are Kill Counts – as those are the easiest to track and thus the most popular form of World Record in the game as of yet.

This list will continue to be updated. If you, or someone you know, has broken a record – send us a DM on @FortniteINTEL. We will update this list after evidence is gathered through video authenticity to prove that a record has either been broken or is not valid.

Every Notable Fortnite Battle Royale World Record

Updated: June 14, 2019


Solo vs Duo35Payamz10/21/18link
Duo51Dankline (24), diddytheboy (27)6/13/19link
Solo vs Squad46Ghost Kamo02/18/19link
Duo vs Squad52Pityth (22), Kygozz (30)02/22/19link
Trio vs Squad53Mauchaso (16), Ac.Qjac (14), Kyaroninzin (26)03/09/19link
Squad59Jamside (21), 3vil (12), 7ssk7 (16), whistle (10)9/26/18link

Console: XB1/ PS4

Solo vs Duo32Gronky04/25/18link
Duo46NickMercs (23), NioiLy (23)01/30/18link
Solo vs Squad42Apokalypto03/07/19link
Duo vs Squad51Chronic Dizzle (27), Jacobbb (24)11/26/18link
Trio vs Squad49Innocents (18), ArtieTheGod (18), iMrSharpShooter (13)11/06/18link
Squad61Fqrbes (25), Nexjs (18), tactjc- (10), NadeXC (8)10/09/18link


Solo vs Squad39Flashinq02/25/19link
Duo vs Squad31FataStar (5), KeaStarL (26)05/15/18link
Squad46WiFi (15), BonezYT (14), Not zues (11), J x 7 (6)10/10/18link


  • Kill to the furthest sniper: 491m by Gato Velandia ( proof )
  • Kill to the farthest rocket launcher: 541m by Skrepped ( proof )
  • Kill to the furthest C4: 1,368m by Yowd ( proof )
  • Kill in the most distant sticky Grenade: 180m by OMGitsHassnain ( proof )

Again, big thank you to our sister site Dexerto for contributing to our list!

Epic Games

Epic delay Fortnite Season 3 & Device Event for the second time

The Device Event and Fortnite Season 3 have been delayed in the wake of nationwide protests in the US.



Epic Games have delayed Fortnite Season 3 and the Device Event for the second time. This decision comes following similar decisions from Sony and Activision, who delayed the PS5 reveal and Call of Duty season, respectively.

The team announced their decision in a blog post on June 3. The Device Event was moved from June 6 to June 15 and the new season was rescheduled for June 17.

“Recent events are a heavy reminder of ongoing injustices in society, from the denial of basic human rights to the impact of racism both overt and subtle against people of color,” they wrote in their blog post. “We’re acutely aware of the pain our friends, families, team members, players, and communities are experiencing.”

“The team is eager to move Fortnite forward, but we need to balance the Season 3 launch with time for the team to focus on themselves, their families, and their communities,” the post continued.

“The live event The Device will be delayed to Monday, June 15, and the Season 3 launch delayed to Wednesday, June 17. We know this delay comes on the heels of another one, and we appreciate your patience and understanding during these difficult times.”

Fortnite fans are disappointed by the news, but it was not unexpected. As we said, other publishers and studios have made similar decisions in the wake of recent real-world events.

The exact timing of the Device Event is still up in the air, as it’s now set to take place on a Monday rather than a Saturday. We’ll keep you posted with more news about Fortnite Season 3 as it comes.

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This spray concept would be one of the most-used emotes if added

This Fortnite spray concept is as simple as it is brilliant.



Sprays are one of the most forgotten cosmetic items in all of Fortnite. At least Banners have their own skins and emoticons allow you to use them after death. Sprays, on the other hand, tend to sit in everyone’s locker, unused.

There are a couple of sprays that get some attention, but Reddit user u/JewishGuyOnReddit had an idea that could beat all of them – and some of the most popular emotes that are already in Fortnite.

The idea is as simple as it is brilliant. Here’s what it is: “_____ was here.” That’s it. Imagine how awesome that would be. You could spraypaint your Gamertag or IGN all over the island.

This would be up there with some of the classic emotes as an instant purchase and a staple of the front wheel. You could even incorporate the dead body outline to show that you eliminated a player and tagged their spot.

Epic have incorporated a ton of fan-made cosmetic items, and we’d like to submit this one for their review. Let’s bring sprays back with this one!

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Ninja goes off on ‘boring’ Fortnite Chapter 2: ready for a new Season

Ninja calls the recent Fortnite seasons “boring” but remains hopeful for Season 3.



Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is second only to Chapter 2 Season 1 as the longest season in Fortnite history. This season, like the previous one, has also offered little in the way of new content to players who hop on the Battle Bus every day.

During a recent stream, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins unleashed his fury upon the recent state of Fortnite. He echoed the complaints of many longtime Fortnite players. His perspective might be a bit amplified by the number of hours he’s put into the game in the past year, but it’s relatable to many in the community.

“I don’t want to play Fortnite right now,” Ninja told his chat. “It’s boring, there’s nothing new/ I’m having a little bit of fun, sometimes, but we’ve been playing the same map … the only new places that they’ve added are places with Henchmen that beam you, and laser you, and s**t on your walls.”

(0:33 for mobile viewers)

In a moment of self-reflection, Ninja admitted that he’s starting to “sound like Turner (Tfue).” He acknowledged that he’s having more fun with Fortnite than other times in the past, but misses the variety that old Fortnite seasons brought us.

“It blows my mind that we were forced to play the very first Season 1 for, like, 120 days,” Ninja continued before looking at the chart that showed the length of each season. “Double the length of seasons with half the content. Two seasons have almost taken up a year!”

Ninja is giving a voice to a large portion of the community who are eager for Season 3 to come out. Rumors are swirling about an additional delay to the next season due to the protests in the United States. Epic and Loserfruit just announced a delay to her Icon Series skin for that reason.

We have yet to hear any official news about a Season 3 delay, just yet. Of course, we’ll keep you covered if that changes.

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