It seems like every Fortnite player in the world wants Epic Games to revert the siphon update, and now KFC Gaming has jumped into the debate.

Fortnite has been under fire lately for removing the siphon feature from Fortnite, which would reward players health upon eliminating another player.

Tim ‘TimTheTatMan’ Betar described the situation perfectly on Twitter by comparing Fortnite’s current situation to an old school Razr flip phone.

On April 3, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins rage-quit Fortnite in order to play ‘Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’ and hit out at Epic Games due to their lack of listening to the community.

It doesn’t seem like the community feedback is slowing down, as Epic Games has another major voice commenting on their game – KFC Gaming.

The KFC Gaming Twitter is known around the community on commenting on popular gaming topics, along with posting gaming-related memes.

On April 3, KFC Gaming posted a tweet making fun of Fortnite and asking for Epic to revert the changes.

The tweet has gone on to gain close to 2,000 likes, along with a string of hilarious comments.

Fortnite fans were quick to thank KFC Gaming for stating what the entire community has been preaching all along – Epic Games needs to revert the changes.

It doesn’t seem like Epic is going to revert the changes, and players will have to get used to a non-siphon Fortnite.

Epic posted a promotional picture on Twitter on April 4 teasing “Ruin is coming…” and KFC Gaming didn’t hold back with this hilarious meme.

Some people are annoyed at the amount of complaining from Fortnite pros, but we can understand how their current situation can be frustrating, especially with the Fortnite World Cup right around the corner.

The good thing is that we should be expecting more hilarious tweets!