There are few hotter commodities in the eyes of esports organizations than a World Cup qualified Fortnite player.

With a minimum prize of $50,000 and a maximum prize of much, much more, the Fortnite World Cup is truly unique for esports organizations.

Competing in other esports leagues can cost millions of dollars to lock up a spot, but many Fortnite World Cup players are free agents happy to sign on to a new team.

As such, there has been a mad scramble to add players to rosters before the World Cup begins. So which esports organizations have been the most successful?

First some notes on this data. When compiling, I counted people twice if they qualified in both solos and duos. It is something absurdly hard to do and they deserve the added recognition for getting the double invite. Plus, from the esports organizations perspective, they will win double the money.

Also, players are moving constantly and with a large group of free agents still remaining, these numbers may be slightly off with new developments. If a number is wrong or I missed a signing, please let me know in the comments.

Esports Organizations with the Most World Cup Players

1. FaZe Clan – 11 Qualifiers

In first place we have FaZe Clan. A mix of players who were already signed with the organization and signing new players in the past months have led the org to have ten qualifiers spread out among the solo and duo events.

Three double qualifiers in Megga, Dubs and Funk helped push them over the top. Grabbing Mongraal from Team Secret was also a great pick up for FaZe giving them a fourth double qualifier. But it will be huge streamers Tfue and Nate Hill who hold most of the focus.

On Tfue, obviously his status is a bit up in the air, but without an official resolution to his lawsuit yet, he still remains a member of FaZe Clan.

This dominant young duo may be FaZe’s best shot at the trophy

2. Team Kungarna – 9 Qualifiers

Team Kungarna may seem like an outlier among these huge organizations, but that is what happens when you have an org founded for Fortnite, by the Fortnite Guy. Yeah, that’s right, the YouTuber known for breaking down Fortnite drama has created an organization and swooped up some of the lesser known qualified players.

While it doesn’t boast the same reach as other organizations, Team Kungarna will still have a distinct presence in New York. Right now, the team is bootcamping together to prepare for the World Cup. There is definitely value in joining a clan where they can boost their status together while practicing against other amazing players.

3. NRG – 8 Qualifiers

While NRG’s new logo might not be the best, their Fortnite team sure is

The bronze medal belongs to NRG. They only had four players qualify but every single one was a double qualifier. MrSavageM, Benjyfishy, and Zayt are all good bets to win a championship. Just last week, NRG also added EpikWhale which vaulted them into second place on the rankings.

If EpikWhale had stayed on Team Kungarna, they would have been the top spot on this list and NRG would have tumbled down the rankings.

4. Eleven Gaming – 7 Qualifiers

The European organization has arguably the most dominant duo team in the world. Stompy and Tschiinken qualified every single week in duos. Every. Single. Week. That honestly shouldn’t be possible. They finished in first place multiple times and Stompy even qualified in solos twice, which means he hit the point mark 7/10 weeks.

5. Lazarus – 6 Qualifiers (Tie)

Lazarus made big news in the competitive community when the relatively small esports organization announced they had signed six qualified players. With just one tweet, they vaulted over major organizations like Cloud 9, TSM and Liquid.

To be fair to those other organizations, they typically have players signed for longer contracts and can’t wheel and deal like smaller orgs can.

5. 100 Thieves – 6 Qualifiers (Tie)

Nadeshot’s esports organization has carved out a nice niche for themselves in Fortnite. Ceice and Elevate have proven themselves as a great duo for the org with a major win at the WSOE event last winter.

They cemented a solid World Cup roster with the addition of Arkhram1. The young star was first seen balling out with Dr. Disrespect on Fortnite Friday and found himself added to the 100 Thieves roster shortly after.

The rest of the top ten:

This chart should be accurate as of Monday, July 22nd
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