A conspiracy theory is becoming popular amongst the Fortnite community and it actually makes a lot of sense.

The theory centers around Epic’s late delay of the Fortnite v10.10 update. Very rarely has Epic delayed an entire patch, the few times they have it has only been for a couple of hours, not entire day.

To explain this weird decision, many people have pointed to the fact that Apex Legends is having one of its biggest days yet.

Apex, for the first time, is opening up a solo mode. This is a huge moment for the BR game and if they can add a successful solo mode to the game it will be a chance for Apex to come for some of Fortnite’s market share.

In addition, many members of the Fortnite community are using today to boycott Fortnite due to the lack of action on the mechs. Instead, they are playing Apex Legends and the game is having one of it’s best days on Twitch since release.

Why did Epic delay the v10.10 Fortnite update?

So the theory states that Epic wanted to wait to see how this Apex day went, before deciding what would happen in the update. If Fortnite stayed strong and continued to beat out Apex, they would keep things how they are, but if the Twitch charts went crazy, they’d use this chance to vault or heavily nerf the mech to keep the audience around.

My dog in law who does tech support on epics patch server just sent me this from r/FortniteCompetitive

While that image is absolutely a meme, this theory has been spread around the community and is seriously being considered.

There is a precedent for Epic changing the game based on other games. The first update that happened after Apex was released on February 4th (not counting the Content Update on February 5th) was the update that introduced siphon into normal modes. That could be a coincidence, of course, but it’s suspicious timing.

Especially because Epic then decided to remove siphon from pubs quickly after, using it as a way to keep Fortnite interesting for streamers when hype for Apex was at its highest.

Not convinced? What about when Epic first introduced Support-a-Creator? That happened in early October 2018. October 12th was when Call of Duty Black Ops 4 came out, the first version of the game to have a Battle Royale mode.

Again it might be coincidence, but it feels like there might be some more thought going into this than we give it credit for.

What do you think? Is the community on to something here or are we going full tinfoil hat?

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