Epic to release ‘Tutorial’ LTM for new Fortnite players


New Fortnite players will be getting some help with Season 11 according to this new leaked LTM.

Fortnite might be the most difficult game to play for the first time. Although it’s the most popular game in the world, it’s completely unforgiving to new players.

For many, Fortnite is the first video game they’ve ever tried. The game is free and kid-friendly, which means new players are pouring in with each update.

Unfortunately, they’re welcomed by what might be the largest skill-gap in the history of video games.

A leaked LTM will help new players learn Fortnite

Having “video game instincts” is an absolute necessity in Fortnite. If you don’t know how to move, aim, shoot, and jump, you might as well call it quits before even downloading the game.

Even these instincts aren’t enough when it comes to Fortnite. In a lot of ways, Fortnite works against some of the instincts you develop while playing other games. If you’re getting shot in a traditional shooter, your first instinct is to run, strafe, and find cover. In Fortnite, doing this will get you killed. 

Thankfully, a new leak suggests that incoming players will be able to get an overview of the game through a limited-time mode.

The Tutorial LTM was one of the recent leaks that look to be coming to Fortnite with Season 11. This is an element of Fortnite that has been missing for a while, and there’s even an argument to be made that it should be mandatory for all new players.

According to @iFireMonkey on Twitter, the tutorial will walk new players through the basics of movement, looting, building, and shooting. New players won’t have to rely on a friend anymore while doing all of their practice on the fly.

Other battle royale games like Apex Legends and Realm Royale have tutorials, so why shouldn’t Fortnite? After all, this game is far more difficult to learn than the former two.

This tutorial won’t do much for the skill gap, but it will welcome new players without making them feel like they’re horribly outmatched. Sure, they may get run over in their next few pub games, but at least they’ll understand what they’re supposed to be doing and will be able to improve.

This game has needed a tutorial since launch, so Season 11 is as good a time as any to add one.

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