Major Fortnite releases go fairly smoothly nowadays, but there can still be unforeseen consequences to massive new patches. Season 9’s release caused some problems with previous Season skin challenges.

Bugs can happen when releasing big new patches for an already sizable game. Season 9 has started off well for the most part in terms of game stability.

One problem that players have run into has to do with Blackheart and Hybrid skin challenges. These skins have earnable Styles and items that can be unlocked cross-season.

Epic to provide bonus to players as an apology

While the issue doesn’t directly gameplay, it can prevent your stats from counting towards these rewards.

Epic Games acknowledged that they knew of the issue earlier in the day.

So, any players that begin playing Season 9 from here on out will not have any issues with their previous Season skins.

As an apology for the issue and ensure that players get all their earned items, Epic Games will be provide players with retroactive challenge progression. They will also provide a ‘bonus’ to the players that had these issues.

No word on what this bonus will be, but we expect it to be some extra progression towards those sweet Styles. No set date has been given for v9.01 update.

Other Season 9 bugs are being worked on by Epic Games and we will inform you of any statements made by the studio regarding bugs.