Epic may have finally released Fortnite patch notes, but that doesn’t mean they cover everything. Take a look at this secret campfire buff in Fortnite v11.20.

Epic Games has finally unvaulted the Fortnite patch notes! For the first time in Fortnite Chapter 2, we saw a list of official changes that Epic made to the game.

These patch notes are bare-bones changes, though, and don’t cover all of the in-game adjustments. For instance, the patch notes reference a Tactical Shotgun headshot change but never got into the specifics of the new numbers.

It wasn’t long before players started to notice unannounced changes in Fortnite v11.20. The most obvious of which is an ammo counter that now sits next to your crosshairs.

This is a minor change, but there was an even bigger one lurking under the surface. Epic added a substantial buff to Campfires that allow you to heal twice as fast.

Most people know that you can reuse a Campfire by adding 300 wood. Now, though, you can add 30 more wood to stoke the flames and heal even faster.

This is a massive buff to environmental Campfires, which remain one of the better RNG-free ways to heal yourself on the go.

All of the recent changes to Campfires begs the question: will we ever get the Cozy Campfire back?

My guess is that we probably won’t since you can now refill and stoke environmental campfires. It’s possible for Epic to add them back without this mechanic, although that’s unlikely.

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