The Burst SMG just arrived in Fortnite on Wednesday, May 29 and it has already been nerfed by Epic Games. The nerf focuses on the gun’s ability to do high levels of structural damage to player builds.

The Burst SMG came out with the v9.10 Content Update and the initial reactions have been very mixed. Many players have even called the gun ‘weak’ or under-powered.

Epic does not think so, it seems. They have already released a hotfix update for the new weapon. This targets the gun’s structure damage capabilities.

Burst SMG Nerfed

Epic Games released a hotfix for all players on Thursday, May 30th. The hotfix includes a small nerf to the Burst SMG.

The Burst SMG had the ability to quickly destroy builds with the high damage to structures.

The Burst SMG also includes the unique ability to have no damage falloff against builds. This means that you can do full damage to builds from sniper range with this weapon. We suspect that this is the reason for the nerf.

In certain cases, this may mean that the weapon will only allow for single bullet of ‘bleed-through’ damage. In the past, it allowed for 2-3 bullets of bleed-through damage.

Bleed-through damage means when the last bullets of the burst penetrate builds after the first shots destroy the build.

It’ll be interesting to see how players react to this change as many already wanted the weapon gone/buffed. Some pro players, like Ninja, already were becoming quite fond of the weapon’s aggressive pushing power. This power is now significantly diminished due to the nerf.

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