In a rare second community update today, Epic Games released more information about how Fortnite players are paid.

After a group of Australian players said they haven’t been paid from the Australian Open, Epic took the time to detail the payment process and explain what happened.

According to the document, people all the way back to the Summer Skirmish still haven’t received payment.

The Blackheart Cup has 202 players still unpaid out of the 301 players who earned money from the event. In total, 545 players who won money from Fortnite events still haven’t been paid.

That doesn’t include any of the World Cup qualifiers as they are still processing and verifying those payments.

Epic says that the reason people haven’t been paid is because they haven’t provided the necessary information to Epic.

While that may be true in some cases, how much work Epic has gone into detailing the process for prize winners isn’t clear.

In the post, Epic admits that the payment process is “confusing” and “lacking transparency.”

In addition, there has been a gap in the system. Issues with the payment process were supposed to be sent to [email protected]

That email has apparently gone unchecked since early February, a pretty massive oversight in their system given the importance of actually delivering on prizes.

It took a slew of news stories from the Australian players to force Epic’s hand in this blog post, and hopefully get people paid who have been waiting since last summer.

If you are one of these players or know one, the whole process to receive payments is detailed below:

  1. Go to
    • Log-in to the Epic Games account that you used for the applicable competition.
      • Access to this link is only granted to verified winners.
    • Please note: logging into the incorrect account may result in a delay in processing or forfeiture of your prize.
  2. Select your preferred method to receive your prize and fill out the additional required information.
    • Important: PayPal auto-declines transactions over $20,000 USD for non-business accounts. If your prize estimate is above $20,000, it is recommended that you use the bank account option.
    • Any incorrect or incomplete information may result in a delay in processing or forfeiture of your prize.
  3. Select your Tax Region and provide the requested information.
    • Inside the US
      • Name on Tax ID
      • Social Security Number (SSN)
      • Address
        • City
        • State
        • Zip
    • Outside of the US
      • Name on Tax ID
      • Address
        • City
        • Postal Code
        • Region (if applicable)
        • Country
      • Please note: If you are below the age of 16 and currently reside in France, we will need to follow up with you separately in order to distribute your winnings based on local laws.
  4. BEFORE YOU CLICK SUBMIT, please click on the Release Form/W9/W8BEN Docusign link at the bottom of the page and follow the new window to the Docusign website.
    • Fill out all of the requested information in the Docusign form.
      • For the W8-BEN, please note:
        • Number 5: If you are unsure, make sure to contact a personal tax adviser.
        • Number 6: This is your country’s individual tax identifier (similar to SSN/TIN).
    • Confirm the information provided in the Docusign form is correct and click “FINISH”.
  5. Go back to the Epic Games page after finishing the Docusign and click “SUBMIT” to complete the process.

For additional assistance, we are regularly updating the Competitive Payment FAQ HERE.

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