Update: The nerf for Slipstream speeds has now been reversed by Epic Games. Further testing for the texture streaming bug fixes may occur during the day.

Epic Games has been having some problems with Fortnite texture streaming and loading. They’ve narrowed down the problem to something to do with the new Slipstreams in Fortnite.

Slipstreams are a new form of mobility introduced into Fortnite in Season 9. They take players around the map on predetermined routes.

A texture streaming bug appeared in Fortnite for patch v9.00 that Epic Games has been trying to fix. As a result, the Slipstream speeds are being nerfed.

Slipstream speed nerfed

Epic Games has issued an issued a tweet regarding the texture loading issues that have popping up on all platforms.

The hotfix nerfs the speed of all Slipstreams in Fortnite. The specifics of the nerf were not given to the public.

As the fix will only last an hour and will end at about 1:00pm EST, we will update this post with more info later on. Epic Games might extend the nerf time or make it permanent based on the results of the test.

Wait, what are Slipstreams?

Slipstreams are a new type of mobility option in Season 9 which uses pneumatic air currents to carry players.


There are predetermined loops throughout the map which players can fly into to enter the current. As of the v9.00 update, only three loops exist on the Fortnite map. One of them is quite large however.

The circular structure seen above is the mechanism through which the air travels. These mark the route of each Slipstream loop on the map. You can even see the loops on the in-game map if you look close enough.

We covered the Slipstreams in-depth with location data in a previous article.

Some of the Week 1 Challenges also feature these new additions.