It appears much of the upcoming v7.20 content update will be dedicated to fixing bugs. 

In a recent twitter thread, Epic Games Community Coordinator Sean “MrPopoTFS” Hamilton addressed many bugs that they are planning to fix. 

In that thread, he also learned of some new bugs that they needed to look into.

One of those bugs causes a player’s screen to shake violently when they are on uneven ground in the ice biome.

MrPopoTFS didn’t seem to be aware of the issue and asked the player to replicate it so they could study what causes it.

Setmonarch did a good job of recreating the issue showing the different cases where it comes into effect and how it can mess up a player.

Screen shaking after running on ice (Submitted as @MrPopoTFS requested) from FortNiteBR

In the comments, the community coordinator responded and said “Thanks a bunch for this, very helpful.”

We still don’t have an official release date for v7.20 but we have heard from multiple credible sources that the update will come out on Tuesday, January 15th or Wednesday, January 16th.

This is probably too little time for Epic to implement a fix to this issue, but at least the ice bug is now on their radar and will be tackled in the future.

Has this bug annoyed you lately?

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