Following Patch v5.20, players may have experienced an issue with post-match XP rewards. Epic has provided an update regarding this situation and what they’re going to do to remedy it. Details below…


Hey Fortnite Folks,

A new issue was discovered yesterday after we implemented the Challenge Progress fix that was preventing some players from receiving any post match rewards or progression.

Who this affected?

Players who own the Season 5 Battle Pass and reached within a few thousand XP of 200k XP or 500k XP since v5.20 was released. This was a small subset of players.

Note: Players who were over 200k prior to v5.20 and not near 500k are not affected, nor are people who crossed 500k before v5.20.

When is a fix coming?

We actually just released a fix for this issue! Any players who were affected by this will receive a gift notification in-game with a make-good as compensation for lost rewards. Inside the gift will be a set amount of XP.

We appreciate you patience while we investigated this issue and worked on a fix.

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