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Pickaxe swinging in Fortnite is now a bannable offense

Epic released a competitive Fortnite blog that highlights new rules against 'trucing' or 'pickaxe swinging.'

Fortnite x TikTok Emote Royale: How to enter new Boogie Down...

Fortnite is bringing back the Boogie Down Contest for fans' emote ideas, this time with the help of video-sharing social platform TikTok.

Mongraal and Benjyfishy want traps out of Fortnite

UK-based Fortnite pros Mongraal and Benjyfishy have had enough of getting killed by traps in Fortnite

The next step: 5 ways to further improve Upgrade Benches

Fortnite Upgrade Stations are better than ever, but how could Epic improve them even more?

Epic responds to Fortnite editing issue

Fortnite players are having an issue when they edit while looking straight down. Epic has responded.

NickMercs thinks Epic secretly buffed the Pump in Fortnite

Streamer NickMercs thinks that Epic has secretly buffed the Pump Shotgun to make it more competitive with the Tac.

What to expect from Fortnite v11.40

The New Fortnite v11.40 update is likely dropping tomorrow. Here's what to expect in the patch notes.

Stats show that the Heavy Shotgun would fit in Fortnite Chapter...

The current state of shotguns has Fortnite players begging for the return of the Heavy Shotgun.

Ninja argues that “more mobility needs to be added” to Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is the least-mobile season since the first-ever Fortnite season. Ninja thinks that it's time for a change.

Fortnite fans want to see Jonesy in Super Smash Bros

Rumors have it that Jonesy might be the next DLC character in Super Smash Ultimate. Could the crossover happen?