Epic Games have confirmed that they are “working on” allowing Fortnite pro players to use stretched resolutions during tournaments.

Twitch Streamer “Symfuhny” was recently playing Fortnite on stream, with Epic Games in the chat. In doing so, the streamer remarked to the team that he’d wish e-sports fans could view the competitive Fortnite tournaments in a 1920×1080 resolution even if the players had a stretched aspect ratio.

Fortnite simply replied to his comment with “We’re working on that.” No other details have been released actually regarding this research into letting competitive tournaments permit stretched resolutions, so we’ll have to see what Epic Games have in store.

Stretched Resolutions are, in case you didn’t know, when players on PC change the resolution of their game to widen the aspect ratio, an example is shown below. This usually means that a normal 16:9 ratio changes to something such as 4:3.

As you can see, it stretches the screen of the game. The benefits of doing this mean that the player has a higher FPS (frames per second) and believes that targets are easier to hit, but this hasn’t actually been proven true – it’s like a placebo effect.

Ninja recently explained on a stream why Epic Games didn’t originally allow stretched resolutions at tournaments, and that’s mostly because it would be hard for the viewer to watch. If they are working on an alternate solution, we’ll have to see what they do.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a built-in spectator mode which the production team and commentators use during tournaments, meaning that every player’s settings can be different locally but on the viewer’s side they are all the same. We might see Fortnite adapt a similar system.

We know that Epic Games are serious about the professional e-sports side of Fortnite, they only just announced a Fall Skirmish tournament with prizes of $10,000,000 spread out over 6 weeks.

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