Some Fortnite players were confused in regards to the pricing of the Battle Pass 10-Tier Bundle.

On November 27, Epic Games announced on Reddit that the developer made a mistake in regards to pricing of the Battle Pass 10-Tier Bundle.

While the Bundle was originally supposed to be priced at 600 V-Bucks, it was placed in the Item Shop at 900 V-Bucks in the V6.31 Update.

According to Epic, players that purchased the Bundle at the 900 V-Bucks price point will be rewarded with the 300 V-Bucks difference.

You can view the full statement from the developer below.

BP Tier 10 Bundle Pricing from r/FortNiteBR

The Battle Bass 10-Tier Bundle typically goes on sale at the end of the Season for players to get a boost in their Battle Pass to reach certain tiers.

Season 6 is scheduled to end on Thursday, December 6, however, Epic Games has delayed the end of Seasons in the past.

At the time of writing, it is unknown when players that purchased the Battle Pass 10-Tier Bundle will be granted with 300 V-Bucks.

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