FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill posted on Twitter asking for Epic Games to do something about a suspected cheater from Rise Gaming, and Epic’s Loomin finally has some answers.

On May 2, professional Fortnite player for FaZe Clan, Nate Hill, hit out at Epic Games on their lack of communication towards competitive integrity.

Later that day Epic Games’ Loomin issued a statement on Twitter confirming that they were looking to solidify Fortnite’s Online Open competitive integrity.

What did Nate Hill say?

The second place finalist of Fortnite’s Fall Skirmish at Twitchcon 2018 went on a rant on May 2 where he sarcastically compared his banning situation to an accused cheater, Rise Gaming’s XXiF.

“Remember when my teammate made a callout that had 0 effect on the game, realized he messed up, turned himself in then was banned for 5 weeks and I was banned for 2? Then Released an official statement condemning us without ever talking to us about what happened? Good times.” Nate Hill continued with another tweet where he directly hits out at XXiF.

“Now there’s a guy (Xxif) and friends who have blatantly colluded, stole thousands of dollars, lied about it, ruined any integrity in online quals and encouraged others to team and cheat. EPIC have yet to say a single word about it for a week now.”

Loomin’s response

One fan posted Nate’s rant on the FortniteCompetitive subreddit when Epic’s Loomin issued the first response regarding Online Open’s integrity and XXiF’s alleged cheating.

“Hey folks, wanted to give an update on this as the competitive community has been very vocal about the competitive integrity around the Week 3 results.”

The Epic employee continued with, “Rest assured we are wrapping up our weekly full investigation of the final results and will have more information to share tomorrow in our weekly communication blog. Appreciate the patience!”

If what Loomin says is true and there are no hiccups behind the scenes, fans should be expecting a final verdict on Friday, May 3 within Epic’s weekly communication blog.

We will be sure to keep you updated with any new information that drops regarding the Fortnite World Cup Online Opens and Finals!