Epic Games have provided Fortnite fans in the middle east with a major update on the future of the game in their region, including confirmation of support for the Arabic language, plus an update on the possibility of servers based in the Middle East.

Fortnite’s Season 9 officially kicked off on Thursday, May 9, introducing a ton of updates to the game’s map, plus the introduction of the Combat Shotgun which replaces the now vaulted Pump Shotgun.

Included in the deluge of information that Epic Games released to mark the start of the game’s ninth season, the developers gave fans in the Middle East some good news to kick off the game’s latest season.

Epic Games announce Arabic Support

A major announcement for players in the Middle East, Epic Games confirmed that the v9.0 update introduced Arabic language support throughout the game, meaning players who speak the language will finally be able to access the menus and play the game using it.

In a release, Epic Games stated that the support means that whether players choose to play Battle Royale, Save the World or Creative, they’ll have the “ability to experience it in Arabic.”

Fortnite’s Player Support team will also be able to assist queries in Arabic, giving players in the Middle East and those who speak it around the world the opportunity ti have their problems and issues addressed by the developers.

Epic Games confirmed that Arabic language will be surported in V9.0 Credit: Epic Games

Epic Games address Middle Eastern servers

Fortnite players in the Middle East have long been begging Epic Games for dedicated servers for their region, citing horrendous lag as a reason why they needed the opportunity to play on their own servers.

Back in January 2019, fans started a #FortniteMiddleEastServers campaign on Twitter, publicly pleading with the developers to give them servers so they can stop playing on 1000+ ping, which makes building, editing and shooting almost impossible.

Middle Eastern fans thought that servers were officially on their way when a leak in February specifically mentioned the region, but information has been scarce on the possibility since – that is until May 9.

Unfortunately for those anxious for an update, Epic Games could only share that they are still “a few months from having services come online,” but reiterated that they hope to provide a more “meaningful update” before then.

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