Epic Games just released a statement on Competitive Fortnite changes and it seems they are intent on locking down the ‘stretched resolutions’ used by professional players…right before the World Cup.

Awhile ago, Fortnite competitive players discovered that the FOV for Fortnite could be altered using a stretched resolution. The image is stretched across your 16:9 aspect ratio screen, creating a much wider FOV for the player.

This gives numerous advantages like easier aiming and more surface area for the player to view.

The method has been used before in games without FOV settings such as the popular FPS game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The trick was quickly adopted by almost all competitive Fortnite players for that competitive edge.

An example of stretch resolution at work in Fortnite – via Frondtech

Even Ninja recently succumbed after saying that he would not like to do so.

Now, Epic Games, after months of players using stretched resolutions, have decided to stamp out the trend. Here’s their statement about the issue:


‘In the near future, we will be updating how we handle custom resolutions on PC. When using a custom resolution, vertical FOV will be locked. Horizontal FOV will be unlocked in all modes, but in competitive playlists (e.g. Arena and in-game tournaments) we will be locking the aspect ratio to 16:9.’

What is Epic Games thinking? – via Epic Games

The change would have made perfect sense around a week or two after players discovered the method. It makes the viewing of the game sub-par and obviously goes against Epic’s vision of how they want their game to be played.

But, now? Right before the Fortnite World Cup event begin? That’s just poor timing. Pro players will have to completely relearn their aiming and vision control within days of the first events.

This is on top of the fact that players have been complaining other major issues with the game like astronomical queue time and the removal of siphoning from core modes.

It just seems like terrible timing for a decent design decision. If the change had come after the World Cup, it wouldn’t get have been too much of a problem. Now, pros will be up in arms as they must reconfigure setups once again.