The weaponized BRUTE mech suits have been disabled again due to an issue, but when will they come back?

Epic’s decision to add BRUTE mech suits into Fortnite Battle Royale in Season 10 might be the biggest controversial weapon the game has ever seen, even compared to the infamous Infinity Blade.

While BRUTEs have been temporarily removed before so Epic could implement changes and fix in-game bugs, but they eventually returned.

On September 10, Epic announced that the weaponized mech suits were temporarily disabled again.

As of writing, BRUTEs are currently disabled throughout all playlists, and there has been no update on when we can expect the mechs to be available again.

BRUTEs were previously disabled due to its air stomp being overpowered and creating an unequal playing field. Once the BRUTE was adjusted, Epic decided to keep them out of the Arena mode until developers were confident with adjustments to the mech.

Professional Fortnite players are surely excited about the brief removal of BRUTEs since they have been begging Epic to remove them since the beginning of Season 10, but they have remained in-game.

Some fans believe that BRUTEs have a major part to play in the Fortnite Battle Royale storyline and that’s the main reason why Epic has not vaulted the mechs.

We will update this story when BRUTEs become available in Fortnite Battle Royale again. Until then, enjoy the brief break from weaponized mech suits.

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