Epic Games’ financial wealth has skyrocketed since Fortnite’s launch and they’ve used that capital to open a new studio in Cologne, Germany.

In order to grow a company past its current bounds, gaming developers must expand with new studios and technologies. After all, without innovation and hard work, gaming today would not be possible.

Epic Games seeks to advance the gaming industry and their own goals with the opening of a new studio in Germany.

The post has quickly drawn speculation about Epic’s possible dream of creating its own streaming platform to rival Twitch. However, the studio could have other, more Fortnite-centric, goals.

Epic Games potentially making a streaming platform

Is Epic coming after the Twitch crown? – via Epic Games

Epic Games has opened an all-new studio in Cologne, Germany with the intention of pursuing ‘interactive media and streaming technologies’. This was announced via an Unreal Epic blog post on August 15.

The new studio is led by founders from the developer, Factor 5, which made games like Star War: Rogue Squadron. The team members from Factor 5 joining Epic Games have been actively working with Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and others to deliver streaming solutions for live media.

Many are speculating that Epic might be looking open its own streaming platform using the studio’s expertise. This could be a fierce competitor to the likes of Twitch and Mixer on the gaming front.

Epic Games doesn’t mention specifically what the studio is working on, but does mention that the company (all of Epic Games) has 200 open positions in its locations worldwide. If you are game design fan, student, or graduate, you should consider sending in an application.

What does this new studio mean for Fortnite?

What does the future of Fortnite hold?

While a streaming platform is one possibility for the new studio’s purpose, Epic has been pouring its focus mainly into Fortnite. That leads us to believe that the move will somehow affect the battle royale in the future.

Fortnite currently runs on every single hardware platform possible within reason, but gameplay streaming is the next step forward. Both Google Stadia & Microsoft’s xCloud streaming services will soft-launch later in 2019 and Epic might want a piece of that pie, too.

The new German-based studio could be working on a streaming solution which would allow players to play without the need for a high-end device. For example, Fortnite only runs well on the best smartphones on the market, but with a streamed version, it could be played from anything with a network card and a screen.

As the industry gears up for the next step towards going completely digital, it’d be a surprise to see Epic not going in this direction. Of course, the post does allow mentioned ‘Sony’ and ‘Nintendo’ which can lead one to believe that they’ll work in partnership with these companies to deliver such tech.

Honestly, it’s really hard to say anything for certain just yet about this new Epic Games studio. Whatever the company’s purpose, Epic Games has something up their sleeves for sure.