Fortnite players on the iOS platform have been experiencing a collection of issues since the release of the v9.40 update, and Epic Games has revealed how they can fix any potential issues.

Released on Wednesday, July 18, the Fortnite v9.40 update brought a number of new additions to the popular Battle Royale title, and will most likely be one of the last updates of Season 9.

A new Tactical Shotgun was introduced in Epic and Legendary variants, along with the re-introduction of the coveted Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, which had been previously vaulted by the studio.

However, even though a variety of content was added, some players reported a collection of bugs and issues across the title. Most notably, iOS players were having trouble updating to v9.40.1, and eventually prompted a response from Epic:

Although issues like this with Fortnite updates are relatively common following a large patch, it appeared that Epic Games could not find an immediate solution to the current problem.

After some time, Epic Games asked that iOS players should ‘delete their apps and re-install’ in order to solve the issue, which is an odd request for such a massive developer to make.

While some community members expressed their discontent with such a request, others were amused that the developer was asking them to “delete their apps,” which instantly became somewhat of a meme in the comment section.

Even though the method might be somewhat obscure, iOS players were soon able to update their games to v9.40.1 and drop-in to games.

Does this request from Epic Games seem strange to you on such a massive game? Let us know in the comments below!

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