The Fortnite team has gone in-depth with the development and future of Fortnite Creative.

Epic Games released a blog post January 30 detailing the state of Fortnite Creative and its future going forward in 2019.

Some key points touched upon include the ability for players to create anything they imagine, a focus on adding new content to build with and the differences in items between Battle Royale and Creative.

The team also touched upon some more things with a short developer update.

Epic Games says it tries to keep as many items in Creative as possible but will get rid of items if they are vaulted for tuning purposes or if they are seasonal weapons.

The team also says it has been sacrificing polish and perfection for speed in terms of adding new content to Creative.

Loading times and game flow are two things the team is looking to improve upon in the coming future.

Players of Fortnite Creative are encouraged to share their creations among the various Fortnite social channels.

We’ve seen some of these Creative creations get widespread popularity such as the Cizzorz Death Maze.

It sounds like Fortnite Creative will remain a part of Epic Games’ plans going forward and it will only be getting bigger from here.

For more information regarding Fortnite Creative you can check out Epic Games’ full blog post here.

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