After being vaulted due to an overwhelming amount of negative feedback from pro players and the community, it appears that the Infinity Blade has been randomly appearing in some matches for Fortnite players.

Epic Games has officially responded to this issue. Sean Hamilton (MrPopoTFS), Community Coordinator at Epic Games, took to Reddit to respond to this issue.

Based on Sean’s initial response, Epic Games was not initially aware of this issue despite it being a big topic in the community due to the nature of the sword. Nonetheless, they are now well-aware and provided an explanation of what’s going on.

We’re now aware that there is a very small chance that the Infinity Blade can spawn in some matches.

We are already working on a fix for this which will ensure it won’t appear in any matches. This will be in tomorrows v7.10 client update.

Thanks so much for the heads up!

Fortnite patch v7.10 appears to be a significant update, including the new Driftboard, a multitude of changes to the X-4 Stormwing Plane, and more. Unfortunately, it has been delayed until further notice.

Last-minute issues were discovered with the v7.10 update which prevents it from being released. Epic Games has yet to announce the rescheduled release date and time.

Do you agree with the seeming majority of the community which called for the Mythic Infinity Blade to be Vaulted? Many players were upset with Epic’s decision to add it to the game, however, there are always differing opinions.