UPDATE: Following the massive Twitter-based movement, Epic Games responded to players requesting Fortnite servers in the Middle East.

The developer announced that none of the current ‘cloud providers’ have capacity available in the Middle East at the time of writing, but are looking for a solution in the ‘next few months.’

Original Story

A massive campaign by Fortnite players from the Middle East has gone viral to voice concern and complaints regarding playing the popular Battle Royale title in the region.

Twitter has been the main source of the #FortniteMiddleEastServers movement, which has allowed it to reach the No. 2 trending topic on the social media platform.

For many, the main concern revolves around the lack of a server for fans to play on in the Middle East.

One message, in particular, that has been shared hundreds of thousands of times across social media breaks down the struggles of playing Fortnite in the region.

A popular image that has been used by various Fortnite players from the Middle East.

“We are Fortnite players from the Middle East, we have been playing the game for a long time and we are big fans. However, we are facing a big struggle with PING which leads us in having bad experience n playing the game. We need a server in our region ASAP please,” the message states.

Many Fortnite players from the Middle East experience an abnormally-high ping while playing the game.

Ping, one of the most important aspects of a solid connection, measures how fast input is sent to the Fortnite server and returns to the player’s screen.

The #FortniteMiddleEastServers hashtag already has more than 2.3 million shares on Twitter at the time of writing. Although, there has been no official word from Epic Games regarding a server being added to the Middle East.

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