There is a critical bug plaguing the Slurpy Swamp location on the new Fortnite Chapter 2 map, and Epic Games have finally spoken on the matter.

UPDATE – 10/22 @ 7:00 PM EST

Epic have announced that the issue with Slurpy Swamp has been fixed, and the Slurp Barrels will now again be giving health and shield when destroyed.


Slurpy Swamp is one of the more unique new locations in Fortnite Chapter 2, in that it offers ways for players to earn health and shield that other points-of-interests don’t.

Not only does the water in the area slowly restore players’ health and shield over time, but there are large containers called Slurp Barrels, likely filled with Slurp Juice, that also provide the same kind of boost when destroyed.

However, that hasn’t been the case lately, as players have found that breaking those barrels isn’t giving them any kind of supplement whatsoever, which is obviously not supposed to happen.

Epic Games respond to Fortnite Slurpy Swamp health bug
Slurpy Swamp offers health and shield to players in both the water and the Slurp Barrels, which need to be destroyed. (Epic Games)

Fortunately, players have made enough of a big deal about this issue that it was brought to Epic Games’ attention, who released a statement about it earlier on October 22.

“It looks like Slurpy Swamp put out a bad batch of Slurp Barrels!” they tweeted. “We’re currently working to resolve Slurp Barrels not healing or giving Shield when destroyed.”

Considering how rarely Epic comment on the issues in Fortnite, at least when it comes to tweeting out about it, it’s clear that fixing this bug is a top priority for the developers.

After all, Slurpy Swamp’s biggest draw is its health-boosting feature, and if that mechanic is broken then it really defeats the whole purpose of having the location.

Both the Fortnite Status Twitter and their community Trello pages indicate that the issue is being investigated and a fix is “in development,” although it’s unclear at this point when that will be implemented.

We will, of course, continue to bring you the latest on this when information is made available.

For now, if you do choose to visit the location, be aware that the Slurp Barrels are not offering health or shield, and take that into account when assembling your inventory.