Epic Games have responded to complaints from Fortnite fans regarding the news that the final Storm Circle won’t end at an area which is currently a Rift Zone. 

Fortnite’s v10.31 Update went live on Wednesday, September 18, and included a change that would see Storm Circles no longer end in locations which are currently Rift Zones, in an attempt to keep the end-game portion of matches as balanced as possible.

These Rift Zones have popped up throughout Season 10, bringing back classic points-of-interest to the game with strange gameplay twists, such as Taco Time at Greasy Grove which forces players to dance uncontrollably, or Moisty Palms where crouching turns players into props.

Fortnite Epic Storm Juice Concept
Epic Games made changes to where Storm Circles will end. Credit: Epic Games

Following the patch though, several players took to Reddit to complain that they were still being shepherded over to these locations at the end of the game, venting their frustrations that Epic had seemingly said they had made changes, but hadn’t.

Now, the developers of the popular battle royale game have addressed the issue, explaining that the mechanic doesn’t work as many expected, and only affects one specific Storm Circle.

According to /u/gstaffEpic on the /r/FortniteCompetitive subreddit, the changes only affect the game’s final circle and not the final location, meaning that you can end up in a Rift Zone area as the final point-of-interest, and the moving circle can even travel through them until it reaches its final destination, which will be outside it.

Fans of the game were unsurprisingly upset by this decision, with /u/samhatescardio writing in response: “Literally just the very last circle? How does that fix the issues like Taco Time deaths if moving zones prior to the very last one can end in Rift Zones?”

Reddit user Mattalmao agreed, stating that “the change is pointless,” before offering a solution of their own, suggesting that Epic should just turn off the effects entirely after the third zone.

Whether Epic Games chooses to readjust the mechanic following the backlash from fans remains to be seen, but it’s clear that many fans of the battle royale game feel that the developers didn’t do enough to solve the issue with this patch.