Fortnite players have been encountering a frustrating editing bug for a long time in the battle royale, and it’s finally got Epic Games’ attention.

The game’s community is getting ready for the finale of Fortnite Season 10 with the new v10.40.1 update on October 2, but there are still troublesome bugs that players are finding throughout the important parts of the game.

While the new update is bringing back the Flint-Knock Pistol while adding in the Out of Time challenges, some in the community were hoping for the devs to look into more maintenance for the buggy side of the battle royale.

Editing is the main feature of Fortnite, but there are still some bugs plaguing it. Credit: Epic Games via pcgamesn

In a Reddit post, user ‘Tomred95’ highlighted a strange bug that occurs when trying to edit a roof when nestled close to a wall. It could be so problematic that the user warned its an “edit bug that people should be aware of until it’s patched.”

Taking a closer look at the bug, it seems like editing functions are working as intended when trying to manipulate a mat away from any walls.

But as soon as the player backs into a wall, they can’t access the roof’s edit options since the game is registering that the player wants to edit the wall behind them.

“This bug happens to me constantly and is easily repeatable,” one user said. “If your back is touching the wall behind you when you hit edit it will always select that wall instead of what is in front of you.”

Edit bug that people should be aware of until it’s patched. from r/FortNiteBR

The player can be seen trying to edit the ceiling a few times, and every time they notice that the edit mechanic is activating for the wall they’re hugging while pushing edit.

While there have been various instances of this in the past, the Fortnite community have had to essentially put up with the bug. But hopefully, the Reddit thread will be the beginning of the end for the bug’s saga.

Chiming in the thread, Epic Games Community Coordinator ‘EmptyTux’ said they will be communicating with the devs to start the debugging process.

“Thanks for the video illustrating this! I’ll send this to our QA team for investigation,” EmptyTux said.

Fortnite players have been reporting that the bug can be reproduced on PCs and consoles, so hopefully a fix will come shortly.

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