Audio glitches and bugs have been a sore spot for Fortnite since the beginning of its reign. Fortnite audio simply doesn’t hold up to the standard of AAA development and Epic wants to change that with your help.


If you are an avid, long-time player of Fortnite, you know that audio has never been Fortnite’s strong suit. In fact, it’s an industry wide issues when it comes to Battle Royale games.

Fortnite’s multi-layered gameplay with build fights leads to the need for near perfect directional audio cues. And to say that the current audio is “imperfect” is a serious understatement to say the least.

Epic Games is on the case and seek to eliminate this long term issues with your help.

Epic asks for community help with audio bugs

Audio bugs can be extremely difficult to track down for developers due to their very specific recreation parameters. You need the player at this spot, at this time, with this weapon, and on this material.

Recreating the bugs and glitches like hearing enemies above you when they are below is hard in the dev studio. This is why Epic is taking a new approach and seeking help from the community.

We need your help with audio bugs! from r/FortNiteBR

The recently released replay files of the Fortnite World Cup qualifier for Week 1 provide a massive amount of player data. So much in fact that Epic would never be able to comb through all of it…but the community can.

Players will need to review and submit data/clips from these games before the v8.40 patch later this week.

The game are excellent material to watch nonetheless and provide insights on how to play Fortnite at a high level. In addition to this, you can help fix Fortnite’s audio issues. That’s a win-win…win.

Audio Issues? Give me an example.

Well, the common audio bugs in Fortnite revolve around directional audio. Many times, the game doesn’t correctly send audio and you might hear players below/above you when they are not.

A really good example of audio bugs came from the game’s Solos Arena mode.

New Strat: you can destroy 2 layers of brick without your enemy being able to hear it! from r/FortniteCompetitive

Player ‘supRAS99’ is comfortably sitting within some build, editing walls to survey fights when something unfortunate happens. The player had 2 layers of brick platform built above him, but a player destroys both without making a sound.

If you listen back to the audio, as the player stares forward through his brick, there’s no sound file played for the destruction of two layers of brick. It is possible that this due to the ‘max’ files played in a certain area.

Whatever the problem is, the result is unacceptable. The player ends up dying and losing a match in Arena at 317 points due to this. The other play probably thought “Why isn’t this guy reacting…hmph bad player I guess.”

These audio bugs need to be fixed fast as the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers have already begun. These bugs are nothing new either, they’ve been around since the beginning of Fortnite Battle Royale.

Perhaps, as a community, we can feed Epic enough data to get these problems out of the game, once and for all.