There are more tournaments on the way for Fortnite.

Epic Games and ESL have teamed up for a tournament featuring a $600,000 prize pool.

“Fortnite is a global game, and there are amazing amazing, passionate players all around the globe,” said Epic Games Esports Manager Rob Hudson. “Partnering with ESL in Katowice gives us the chance to showcase some of these incredible international competitors.”

You can read more about that partnership in our coverage here but even more exciting is Fortnite will be partnering for more esports tournaments in the future.

According to Rod Breslau, who goes by Slasher on Twitter, Epic Games will be partnering with several more tournament organizers throughout the year.

Despite the fact Fortnite is still hit-or-miss when it comes to its tournaments, Epic Games appears to still be moving forward with making Fortnite into an esport.

It’s hard to argue with this because the viewership, participation and money are all there so it’s safe to assume interest will be there going forward.

What remains to be seen is who exactly Epic Games will be partnering with in the future.

Look forward to learning more about these potential partnerships later this year.

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