Epic Games are reportedly clamping down on players on console who are using XIM, a solution that allows gamers to use Mouse and Keyboard on any console game.

Recently, Epic Games have changed the matchmaking pools to scan your input device (controller/mouse and keyboard) to place you in matches against those of the same device, however some players have been using XIM devices to bypass this and trick their console into thinking their mouse and keyboard set is actually a controller.

XIM is a series of devices that serve as input adapters for console, turning your Mouse and Keyboard setup into what the console thinks is a controller. This can allow players to use mouse and keyboard onĀ any console game, unsupported or not, as the system cannot detect the input being anything other than a controller.

In games in which using a mouse and keyboard against controller users can determine life or death, it serves as an unfair advantage to those who use a XIM device. That’s why some reports have claimed that Epic Games have actually found a way to detect if you are using the adapter to bypass the matchmaking filter, and could kick or ban you from the game.

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