Fortnite players have started to receive emails from Epic Games regarding Season 6 and the Fortnitemares event.

On November 9, players with their accounts linked to Epic Games were sent an email by the developer which included a personalized ‘Mid-Season Update’ for Season 6.

While the Mid-Season Update did not include a variety of stats or information, it showed which item a player will unlock next in their Battle Pass progression.

However, alongside the personalized Mid-Season Update, Epic Games provided a quick look at some statistics the community managed to accomplish over the course of the ‘Fortnitemares’ Halloween event.

Players managed to demolish 411,182,432 Cube Monster spawners, dealt 2,472,912,681,779 damage to Cube Monsters, and fired 5,093,840,715 Demon Hunter Crossbow bolts throughout Fortnitemares.

These numbers put the sheer magnitude of how large the Fortnitemares event was for Epic Games and Fortnite as a whole, which also included a ‘Join us again next year’ tagline at the end.

Like previous mass emails sent by Epic Games, some players have reported receiving their information at different times throughout the day. Make sure to double check that you have not unsubscribed from the Epic Games email list.

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