The Fortnite World Cup Finals start on July 26 and Epic Games has released official details about exclusive skins & cosmetics for the event.

The World Cup Finals will be the highest prized tournament in esports history, at least until Dota 2’s The International takes place in August. $30,000,000 dollars are on the line for players and organizations as they compete to see who is the absolute best. However, Epic wants to reward fans of the esport with goodies as well.

Starting on July 25, the Item Shop will feature exclusive World Cup content including two skins and an emote. Depending on your current Locker stash, you may soon receive a new Style for free.

Fortnite World Cup Cosmetics – Outfit, Style, and Emote

World Cup Finals Loading Screen – via @ShiinaBR

Epic Games released yet another quick blog post talking about the World Cup Finals. This one centers its attention on the cosmetics that will be available for purchase. The post also gets into some of the Birthday content, but we’ll address that later.

While some may have been expecting some free cosmetics for the FWC Finals, Epic has opted to go the route of paid content for this event. They’ll be offering three separate items for sale starting July 25. This’ll include a new Style for Fishstick, a Ramirez variant World Cup skin, and the ‘Kiss the Cup’ emote.

Prices, except for the Fishstick skin, have not been revealed yet. We’ll be sure to update you once that changes. To be clear, you will not have to purchase the World Cup Fishstick Style separately if you already own the skin. Fishstick’s original price is 1200 V-Bucks.

The only image of the Fishstick Style thus far can be seen in the loading screen above. The Ramirez ‘World Warrior’ had a leaked image released about a week ago with v9.40. These images are courtesy of @ShiinaBR.

World Warrior Skin – @ShiinaBR

These cosmetics will not available after the Finals event, so be sure to buy them up quickly. We understand Epic’s desire to make money, but honestly…these should have been included as prizes for viewing certain amounts of the tournament in-game. They even just added support for ‘Picture-in-Picture’ streaming system that will allow you watch while playing!

Birthday Bash items and Overtime Challenges also got a quick mention in the post.

Overtime Challenges & Birthday Bash Info

Original Birthday Battle Bus from 2018

Overtime challenges include 9 tasks which will in unlock every 2 days. The rewards include tons of XP and exclusive Styles for Season 9 skins. As July 23, you have a little over 8 days to complete these tasks. Several of them require playing with a friend, so you’d better call Timmy.

Birthday Bash marks the second anniversary of Fortnite Battle Royale launch and features a party themed Battle Bus along with a fitting music track. The details for the event were given in the v9.41 patch notes. The most notable features are the Birthday Presents and Birthday Cakes.

Birthday Presents are legendary items which contain exceedingly good loot and be found via Floor Loot, Supply Drops, Llamas, Chests, and Vending Machines. The Cakes give players both Health and Shields upon use and will be scattered around various ‘Points of Interest.’ Both of these features will go live on July 25 and run until July 31.

Season 9’s end looks to be loud, fun, and filled to the brim with content. The Fortnite World Cup Finals start on July 26 running until the afternoon of July 28. We’ll be following along with the event closely and reporting on all major happenings, upsets, surprises, and more!

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