While everyone has been focusing on the Fortnite World Cup, the next season is lurking just around the corner.

Epic clearly has plans to roll the ending of the companies most impressive IRL event to date into the next in-game moment. While the Mecha vs. Monster event was the build up event throughout Season 9, the massive fight didn’t actually shake the map up at all.

That was because Epic didn’t want to change anything drastically before the World Cup began. But with the event wrapped up, the whole map is liable to change at the start of the next season.

We will get our first hint at that change after the solo finals are crowned.

CouRage did a fantastic job commentating the event during the duos finals along with a rotating group of color commentators. They finished the event with the announcement of a new teaser, and now we can only speculate as to what it will be.

The PlayStation Store released a new image of the next season that may have been an accident.

X is of course the roman numeral for 10. It is unlikely Fortnite chooses to call the Season “Season X” and they are instead just using it as a cool promo.

Still, with the Fortnite seasons finally hitting double digits, this would be the time to switch up the season format if that was something they were looking to do.

They could go to Roman Numerals but Season XIII is probably worse than just having it be Season 13.

What do you think Season 10 in Fortnite will bring to the game? What location do you hope is destroyed or changed?

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