Players that qualified for the Fortnite Winter Royale tournament series will reportedly be replaced by Epic Games.

‘Winter Royale’ is a $1 million in-game tournament series hosted by Epic Games which is open to all players from North America and Europe who fit the eligibility requirements.

Multiple qualifiers were held to determine which players would move on to the Winter Royale Finals, with only 200 moving on from each region.

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However, some community members have suggested that a number of players may not meet the edibility requirements due to age or other factors.

Matt Layman of Epic Games announced on November 27 that they are sending out an ‘Eligibility Survey’ to those that qualified for the Winter Royale Finals via email.

A small, unknown number of players outside of the top 200 will also receive emails from Epic Games that will ‘fill any missing spots’ as alternates or subs for those that are not eligible.

More information on the $1 million Fortnite Winter Royale tournament including scheduling, qualified players (at the time of writing, and more can be found right here.

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