If you play Fortnite, there is a good chance that you have encountered the infamous ‘walking dead’ glitch.

The glitch in question is relatively new and was first seen midway through Season 6, and occurs after a player has killed an enemy.

Even after they are eliminated, the opponent may still be sown as walking around or standing in-place which can lead to some confusion. Some players have reported seeing various cosmetics from eliminated players on the Fortnite map, including Back Bling, Pickaxes, and more.

On November 28, Epic Games announced that they are ‘investigating’ the issue, however, also called on Fortnite players and community members to help solve the glitch.

Players are encouraged to report the issue via the drop-down menu, along with recording short video clips of the issue when it arises.

Walking After Being Eliminated Bug from r/FortNiteBR

Recommended directions for submitting in-game logs to help fix the glitch can be viewed below.

‘After eliminating a player, their model will continue to move for a short period of time.’

How To Help?
‘If you experience this, please send us your logs by clicking the drop-down box on the top right and selecting the Feedback button. Once you do that, select the “Bug” option.

Title: Walking Elimination Bug
Body: Player kept walking after being eliminated.

After doing that, go ahead and send the report. Doing this will send us information that will help us locate the cause of the issue. Please also leave any links to videos you may have of this in the Reddit thread linked below.’

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