People queuing up a game of Solid Gold were greeted with instructions for how to play a different game mode.

“The Blues” was one of the many LTM’s leaked in the game files but we didn’t know a ton about how the game would actually operate.

Well when players got ready for a game of Solid Gold they were greeted with the instructions for this new LTM.

“The Blues” promises to be a mode where all weapons in the game are rare – hence the name – the circles are also shorter and mats farmed are increased.

Multiple readers of the site saw the error and sent us DM’s about it. Thank you to those who sent in the story, we read all the DMs but sometimes relevant comments are lost among the spam.

Here’s the picture of the mistaken loading screen from Games4Life:

Credit to Games4Life sending this picture in

Other readers also took the time to shoot us a message, and we appreciate that.

While this LTM was leaked with the new patch, so were a bunch of other LTMs. Thanks to this loading screen we can feel confident that this will be a new LTM rotating in after Solid Gold.

It seems like an interesting mode that can create some unique metas. The quick storms and increased mats also don’t have an immediate cause with the rare weapons, so Epic may be trying out some new settings to see how the operate.

Previous LTMs have been used as a testers for new mechanics Epic wants to add into the game and those two features may be something they are considering going forward.

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