Epic Games has begun work on changing up Fortnite’s gameplay landscape right away as they return to the office. Team Rumble received a big change on July 10 that might make some players unhappy.

Fortnite’s community is so immense that it naturally has splintered into many subgroups who all have different interests. You’ve got your competitive players, casual players, ‘pub-stompers’, challenge focused players, and the Team Rumble crowd (plus a dozen more divisions).

Epic Games has decided to hit the Team Rumble fans with a sudden update. We’re not sure what prompted this change and why it was needed, but it might make some fans upset due to the radical difference in match length.

Team Rumble Win Condition set back to 100 kills

Faster games mean less kills to go around

Team Rumble is a unique game mode in Fortnite that attracts both challenge completion seekers and players who want a respawn oriented Fortnite. We certainly enjoy both aspects of the game mode and play a few rounds daily to keep our shots warm.

The last update came back in April with improved end games, better loot, tons of bug fixes, and more. It was well received by fans and helped make the mode into a solid choice for ‘real’ gameplay.

Epic Games has decided that game mode has gotten stale again and needed a change to its old formula. Here’s what they had to say about the change to 100 kills, down from the typical 150.

We’ll have to argue against Epic’s decision here. Team Rumble matches are meant to last that nice 15-20 minutes depending on the ferocity of the two teams. TB players, we think, will find this to be an unnecessary change that increases downtime in between matches rather than speeding up the process.

Challenge seekers are also negatively effected by this. While location based Battle Stars or Fortbytes may not be impacted, elimination challenges will take longer to complete as matches end faster. Of course, if you are a slaying monster with the aim of Katniss, the change will barely hit you.

I guess Epic Games was seeing a data trend in super lengthy matches where many players simply aren’t playing OR the majority of the lobby leaves. We’ve experience this ourselves with some lobbies dropping to 6v6 or below.

While a lower kill limit might help a tiny bit, players will still leave without a care. A better solution would have to been to implement better rewards for winning/staying (more XP) or punish early leavers.

How do you feel about this sudden change to Team Rumble? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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