A fan posted a suggestion to the Fortnite BR subreddit with a new looting system method that could change up the way weapons and items are equipped.

All players in Fortnite have five inventory slots that they can use to fill with weapons or healing items, however, as soon as a weapon is picked up it is immediately put into the first open inventory slot.

Players often prefer to have a slot for each weapon, for instance, an assault rifle in slot one, a shotgun in slot two, or whatever the player desires – but players need to manually arrange their inventory.

A suggestion from Sasseries would solve this problem, but allowing players to directly swap with a weapon they are holding or a weapon on the ground.

"Hold to replace current weapon" (TTS Warning) from FortNiteBR

Epic Games’ Eric Williamson posted on the thread and said that the suggestion was intriguing and that they will be investigating.

This is exciting news for Fortnite fans as the inventory has remained the same since the game released in 2017.

Epic Games is always adding new items and updates to Fortnite, so maybe the fan submission might be the right push for an inventory revamp.

Would you like to see a new inventory system, or do you like the system as it is?


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  1. I like the idea that went viral on Twitter that lets you put shotguns in the second slot by putting it into the settings, this is cool but seems like it could get annoying if you replace something by accident

  2. So basically one comment by epic employees on Reddit makes a whole article. Sad! Epic employees comment on lots of stuff, plus if the inventory hasn’t changed since 2017 why would they change it now. Also what would happen to the original equip method, and this would be extra annoying on Mobile. Also doesn’t think about Auto Pickup.

  3. I have a idea. I want a setting where if you pick up something, it automatically puts it into a certain slot instead of the one next availed. Epic reply if this intrigued you.

  4. Its pathetic that a game with only 5 slots has a GUI for weapons anyways. As a FPS shooter and professional gamer back in the 2000’s. I have never seen this dumb layout before prior.

    Takes way to long to load a gui, rearrange weapons and drop crap on a ps4 ( switched from my PC days ) and its just not efficient

    Unreal (epic game)

    etc etc, none of these games were ever like this and neither should this. Its quite simple

    Add a hold to pick up with a “NO” hold for instant pickups (if slot is empty)


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