In an upcoming Epic Games livestream, which is happening tonight at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 7pm BST, they will be covering “how Epic leveraged the tools available in UE4 to ship Fortnite on iOS and Android with a focus on technical challenges such as memory, performance and battery life.”

This may be an interesting livestream for those who love to hear and read about the technicalities behind video games and porting a huge title such as Fortnite to mobile devices, especially when worrying about resource usage.

We’re ready to cover the various tools Epic used to diagnose a variety of issues while bringing Fortnite to iOS and Android, several of which we built and implemented into UE4 just for this process. We’ll also discuss strategies used to tune Fortnite for the various devices as well as new features developed to make the game run well on these devices.

The livestream will be hosted by Director of Engine Development Nick Penwarden, Senior Engineer Pete Sauerbrei, and Community Manager Tim Slager.

You can view the livestream on their Twitch account, YouTube or Facebook.