Update: Epic Games has released a second tweet, reassuring fans that the Red Plastic Wrap will be delivered to them in the next few days. They promise to give more updates as they figure out the underlying issue.

Epic Games released an additional Red Plastic wrap for the Toy Soldier bundle, but a glitch has prevented some players from receiving it.

As we all know, Epic always looks for ways to expand on previously released cosmetics. The Toy Solidier Wraps bundle gives players a pack of Fortnite Wraps which match with the Toy Soldier skins.

However, a glitch somewhere in the system has prevented the proper the delivery of the latest addition to the bundle. Epic Games wanted to assure fans that they are looking at the issue and working to solve it quickly.

Red Plastic Toy Solider Wrap Bundle wrap glitched

In order to expand upon the already released Toy Soldier Wrap bundle, Epic recently added the Red Plastic wrap for all new and current owners of the pack. Unfortunately, a glitch prevents players who already own the bundle from receiving the newest addition.

Epic Games made a short statement about the problem on the official Fortnite Twitter.

Epic Games also posted a second tweet later in the day, reassuring fans that a fix is coming. It seems the problem might be slightly more difficult to solve than they first imagined.

By our estimation, the solution shouldn’t take too long to be deployed to the live service. While it’s an annoyance for owners of the bundle, Epic generally takes care of these types of ownership issues within a few days.

The latest patch for Fortnite is expected to drop in the next two days (August 20 or 21). We expect that a fix will be deployed along with the update, if not sooner.

As for other details on the issue or the upcoming update, no other information has been released as of this time. Don’t expect major changes to the current meta of the game. Epic Games has stated that they want to the BRUTE mech to remain as a way to give players a path to their first victory royale.

As soon as new info is released, we’ll update you. Hopefully, the issue will be solved as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the studio does also have a plethora of other problems to look into. These other issues could delay a fix for the Red Plastic wrap.

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