The Heavy Sniper has recently become a controversial weapon in Fortnite due its powerful shots. The weapon can deal deadly damage even with simple body shots.

Epic Games pays close attention to the community’s requests and grievances. The biggest current issue rotating around the community’s fansites and Reddit pages is the Heavy Sniper’s unusually high body shot damage.

Many fans argue that the Heavy Sniper does too much damage with body shots. A single bullet can do 157 damage even if you just hit the enemy in the foot.

While the damage is not lethal, it’s essentially a kill shot without the need for accurate aiming. The general argument is that the Heavy Sniper’s high body shot damage reduces the skill gap immensely due to the ease with which you can take a player out of a fight.

Epic Games saw this argument boiling up within the community and decided to issue a short statement on the issue. EpicEricSW commented on Reddit about the Heavy Sniper.

Heavy Sniper won’t be receiving any balancing changes any time soon. from r/FortniteCompetitive

So, at least for now, it seems the Heavy Sniper will not be getting nerfed. This will come as a surprise to many players as Epic Games has removed/nerfed a lot of “over-powered” weapons in the past. The Heavy Sniper exceeds the damage and ease of many of those weapons.

The weapon currently is severely effecting the balance of the game. Due it’s high damage, Assault Rifles have become a difficult bet to use even in casual matches. In competitive matches, a single peak will result in essential death.

We have a suggestion for the community and Epic Games.

Perhaps the damage of the heavy sniper doesn’t need to be nerfed, but rather add a mechanic which will force a little more skill out of the Heavy Sniper user.

The Halo franchise of games uses a mechanic known as “de-scoping” to force players to shoot quickly. The mechanic takes players out of being scoped-in when they are hit by enemy fire.

Player getting descoped in Halo 4 custom mode – via TeamBeyond

This could be a nice way to keep the power of the Heavy Sniper at bay while also allowing for massive damage if the player has good reaction times. It would allow for a little bit of counterplay against the Heavy Sniper.

In its current state, many players feel the Heavy Sniper to be unfair for how easy it can be to use. For now, Epic Game has decided to take no action.

What are your thoughts on the Heavy Sniper? Do you think it should be nerfed or are content with its current state? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter at @FortniteINTEL.

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