The Heavy Sniper has recently become a controversial weapon in Fortnite due its powerful shots. The weapon can deal deadly damage even with simple body shots.

Epic Games pays close attention to the community’s requests and grievances. The biggest current issue rotating around the community’s fansites and Reddit pages is the Heavy Sniper’s unusually high body shot damage.

Many fans argue that the Heavy Sniper does too much damage with body shots. A single bullet can do 157 damage even if you just hit the enemy in the foot.

While the damage is not lethal, it’s essentially a kill shot without the need for accurate aiming. The general argument is that the Heavy Sniper’s high body shot damage reduces the skill gap immensely due to the ease with which you can take a player out of a fight.

Epic Games saw this argument boiling up within the community and decided to issue a short statement on the issue. EpicEricSW commented on Reddit about the Heavy Sniper.

Heavy Sniper won’t be receiving any balancing changes any time soon. from r/FortniteCompetitive

So, at least for now, it seems the Heavy Sniper will not be getting nerfed. This will come as a surprise to many players as Epic Games has removed/nerfed a lot of “over-powered” weapons in the past. The Heavy Sniper exceeds the damage and ease of many of those weapons.

The weapon currently is severely effecting the balance of the game. Due it’s high damage, Assault Rifles have become a difficult bet to use even in casual matches. In competitive matches, a single peak will result in essential death.

We have a suggestion for the community and Epic Games.

Perhaps the damage of the heavy sniper doesn’t need to be nerfed, but rather add a mechanic which will force a little more skill out of the Heavy Sniper user.

The Halo franchise of games uses a mechanic known as “de-scoping” to force players to shoot quickly. The mechanic takes players out of being scoped-in when they are hit by enemy fire.

Player getting descoped in Halo 4 custom mode – via TeamBeyond

This could be a nice way to keep the power of the Heavy Sniper at bay while also allowing for massive damage if the player has good reaction times. It would allow for a little bit of counterplay against the Heavy Sniper.

In its current state, many players feel the Heavy Sniper to be unfair for how easy it can be to use. For now, Epic Game has decided to take no action.

What are your thoughts on the Heavy Sniper? Do you think it should be nerfed or are content with its current state? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter at @FortniteINTEL.

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  1. tbh, they could just add weapon sway to the heavy sniper when scoping in. they it will be more difficult to target someone.

  2. This is what’s wrong with the community and streamers, they bitch and complain about items that don’t even need nerfing, why don’t they just buff the regular bolts damage instead

  3. ok fuck these people complaining they first complain about deagles shotguns tommy gun tac smg and what do they get at the end of it : They get angry when epic vaults it and they always want it bakc like what is wrong with you people

    • Totally agree, streamers always thing any item is OP if it’s viable unless it’s the pump or scar, as far as I’m concerned the only OP items ever in the game were the zapotron, turret, planes, infinity blade, drum gun, and then P90 when it first came out

  4. You only get descoped in Halo 4, and everyone hated it, as for the .50 cal, it’s balanced with it’s enormous reload time, only salty people want it nerfed.

    • Yeah, I’m sure if they’re the one doing the damage with it they don’t complain.
      But oh no, God forbid they get killed by a weapon because that would mean its “OP”.

    • U do realize the reload makes literally no difference right? You must not actually play the game, the reload just stops u from spamming heavy sniper shots, when you hit someone you just switch to your ar and two tap them completely un effected by the reload. I don’t have a problem with the heavy sniper but you saying the reload balances it makes it clear you must not use it, never had it used on you, and probably never actually played the game yourself.

      • How would I know about the reload speed if I didn’t play the game dumdum ? And it actually doesn’t matter whether I play the game or not, that’s just weapon balance 101, high damage weapon balanced with low firing rate/high recoil/low accuracy. The Barrett is basically the opposite of the minigun when you think about it.

        • There are several ways for our to know, such as reading the stats on sites such as this or watching someone else play the game, and that “balancing 101” of yours has no hold on snipers, it wouldn’t make a difference if it’s rwlore was reduced to 1 second, for the reasons I explained already, the fact of your balancing 101 proves my point, there’s theory and then there’s practice sometimes u need to have experience with it yourself instead of some book knowledge

          • Alright buddy, who wouldn’t waste their time arguing over a game they’re not even interested in, am I right ?

            If you think the firing rate of a weapon has no impact on its strength, then I don’t know what to tell you buddy.

            I, for one, don’t even use that gun, it’s just way inferior to the other sniper rifles because of its slow fire rate, it should either penetrate walls or do 200 on bodyshot to be balanced.

  5. Yeah I feel like if they don’t nerf the damage, at least make the aiming or way harder to hit shots. It’s kinda hard to snipe in Fortnite. But yes I will agree a 157 shot to the foot is op. Anything upper body should be 150+ and lower body like 100.

    • Should be more like CS:GO

      leg/foot – low damage
      arm/hand – medium damage
      body – regular damage
      head – high damage

      EDIT: Maybe testing in pop-up cup?

  6. The heavy sniper is an amazing weapon. The large amount of damage dealt when hitiing someone is balanced with reload time

    • I don’t have a problem with the heavy sniper I think it’s fine as it is, but saying the reload is balancing it is stupid, after you hit them for 157 just switch to your ar and two tap them completely nonefected by by the long reload, the reload just stops you from spamming heavy shots, doesn’t actually make it harder to get the kill.

  7. The only thing I can say is if someone gets hit hard “in the foot” (or hand, etc) then they should be dealt not necessarily instant death, but a severe movement penalty. That and a slow, but major bleed out.

  8. Totally content with the heavy sniper rifle. Regarding streamers, Fortnite is a job and if they feel threatened it becomes OP or if they are angry with work. Now OP to me is the Turrent, Planes, boom box, treasure maps givig the game to many legendarys. What I miss is the legendary AK. Otherwise happy with the game mostly I can say.

  9. The weapon currently is severely effecting the balance of the game. Due it’s high damage, Assault Rifles have become a difficult bet to use even in casual matches. In competitive matches, a single peak will result in essential death.


    Peak is like a high, or a top of a mountain
    Wrong a/effect

  10. People like you are the reason some of the best features of this game get nerfed and vaulted. Each game is so different because you have to adapt to the changes and roll with the punches, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE. A relative newb with the right tools and luck can be just as formidable as a veteran. It never gets boring. In golf, they have a rule called “Play it where it lies,” not “These trees and sandtraps need to be nerfed or vaulted because they’re making my gamer channel look bad.”

  11. OK, I don’t get it. The heavy is an anti materiel rifle. Kills people behind a brick wall in real life. And it needs some skill to be effective with it ingame, not a noob weapon. Still, those who are complaining against it, are the same, who were OK with double pump. Which needs less skill. Those gamers are trying to kill the game for casual players, who are the majority, by forcing them to use only those metas, which they use and perfected. They can not and will not adapt, or let anyone else have a chance. EPIC, please don’t.

  12. The community thinks the sniper is op but they also want double pump back. Ok.

    These whiners do realize that the heavy sniper shoots only one bullet and has a long reload time. Doesn’t really sound op.


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