Epic Games has been struggling to find their footing with Fortnite esports and it seems that will continue. They’ve released a new competitive update that will not please the competitive community.

What’s the penalty you would give to a player that cheats in a major esports tournament? A lifetime ban? A year suspension? Epic Games has other ideas on the matter.

In a new competitive update, Epic Games addresses the cheating that occurred during Week 3 of the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers. If you care about the integrity of Fortnite esports, get ready to rage.

Competitive Update – Bans, Schedule Changes

Epic Games released their weekly competitive update post on Friday May 2nd and started off by talking about the cheating that occurred during Week 3.

Rise XXiF was accused of cheating via getting fed kills by fellow players. Here’s the clip that proves the cheating took place, other evidence has also circulated around the community.

Epic Games’ blog post had this to say about Xxif’s cheating:


‘Based on an internal investigation, we have concluded that a group of players attempted to undermine the Week 3 Fortnite World Cup Online Open competition on April 28 by colluding across several matches.

All players involved will receive a 14 day competitive ban and will be ineligible for any Week 3 prizes. This group also included a player whose score would have qualified them for the Fortnite World Cup finals in New York. Consequently, in addition to the competitive ban and loss of prizing, this player will also forfeit their Fortnite World Cup Finals qualification spot. As a result, the qualification spot will be granted to the next highest ranking player on the Week 3 Finals leaderboard for the NA-E region who has yet to qualify for Solos.’

Though the wording of the post is unclear, it seems that Epic Games has decided to give XXiF a 14 day timeout for cheating in a $30 million dollar tournament.

His World Cup qualification spot has been taken from him and given to the next person down the list, but he can try again in 2 weeks time. At which point, it is perfectly plausible that he will attempt to cheat again.

Our conclusion of the matter is that Epic Games simply does not understand the gravity of the situation. Cheating in gaming and especially esports needs to be taken seriously.

According to Epic, they’ve also banned close to 700 other players who cheated in one way or another.

‘Additionally, we took action against 698 other players for breaking the Official Rules. As a reminder, competing on alternate or new accounts to circumvent competitive bans in any way may result in users being banned from all future competitive play permanently.

We take Fortnite competitive integrity extremely seriously, and we expect all of our players to live up to the standards specified in the Official Rules. For more information, please see our most recent blog on the subject: 

Epic Games also gave some updates on what is happening with major glitches that were present during the Week 3 competitions.


‘We’ve recently been able to identify, prioritize, and solve several issues thanks to your help. Clear video evidence, detailed descriptions of problems, and game logs go a long way in helping to accelerate fixes. Thank you!

  • Reboot Van spawning issues.
    • We discovered an error in which players could respawn if the rebooter did not completely finish the reboot channelled interaction. This bug also caused the game to eliminate the rebooted players after a few seconds. We temporarily disabled the Reboot Van in competitive modes to avoid any potential scoring issues while we worked on a solve. 
    • Thanks to your help, we’ve fixed and rebooted the Reboot Van in all competitive modes. The Reboot Van now functions as intended; if the rebooter is eliminated while attempting to reboot a teammate, the Reboot stops and is unsuccessful, and both players will be eliminated.
  • HLOD textures failing to fully load in Tilted Towers, Retail Row, and Polar Peak.
    • This was brought to our attention and hotfixed early Saturday morning.
    • We’re continuing to carefully monitor this, so please continue to call it out if you experience texture issues within Fortnite.
  • Players unable to build after gliding.
    • We discovered an issue where players are unable to build after landing from a glider.
    • We’ve managed to reproduce this bug internally and have slotted a fix in an upcoming release (targeting v9.00).
  • Turbo Building issues.
    • Thanks to your help, we discovered a bug with Turbo Build that appears to be tied to certain networking conditions that would cause players to be unable to build for a few frames.
    • We implemented a hotfix on 5/1 which we believe will help address this issue under most network conditions, but we’re still not 100% certain we’ve fixed all cases. We will be closely tracking the fix to make sure the issue is resolved, so please let us know if you run into any additional problems.

You can follow our progress with other bugs and issues with our Trello board here.’

While some of the bugs have been fixed, failed texture loading and bugged building seem to still be an upcoming feature in Week 4.

These are decent updates for community to evaluate the current quality of the competitive landscape, but they failed to address the Shadow Bomb.

The new item has several game breaking bugs which allows players to remain invisible and/or permanent in Shadowform. We believe the item should be complete disabled for the weekend’s World Cup qualifier.

The rest of the blog post focused on highlighting the new Stream Replays feature and giving an update on a few schedule changes for Week 4. This only affects Brazel and EU regions.


‘This past weekend, we launched streaming replays so you can quickly watch the matches you’ve just played or share them across social with friends. In an effort to balance the desire to have replays available ASAP while not creating competitive fairness issues, we’ll be reducing the delay on replay availability from 10 minutes down to 5 minutes before you can view the replay from a specific match. We will continue to evaluate the appropriate delay window, and look forward to your feedback.’

‘Note: Replays are only valid until the next major update (e.g. v9.00) and are currently only available on PC and Mac.’


‘This upcoming weekend, there will be some slight schedule adjustments for the Semi-Finals of the Fortnite World Cup Online Opens.

Europe Semi-Finals

2:00 PM UTC – 5:00 PM UTC 

Brazil Semi-Finals

5:00 PM Brasilia – 8:00 PM Brasilia

All other regional times will remain unchanged from previous weekends, including the Finals on Sunday. When in doubt, please consult the times listed in game. Best of luck!’

You can find the full post on the Fortnite official website. All information from the post is included in the article above.